Forgive yourself for forgetting your worth

Forgive yourself for the times you have forgotten your worth. When you wanted someone more than they wanted you.

Forgive yourself for the times when you acquiesced to treatment you didn’t deserve. You were afraid and unwilling to lose the person you cared deeply about. But he didn’t care about you.

Forgive yourself for the moments when you have let your partner down. You went after him when he threw you away and you cut back on your relationship. When in reality, he didn’t understand or accept you or your heart.

Forgive yourself for those times when you broke your own heart. You loved people who did you wrong. You thought there was more to them than what they showed you. You put them on a pedestal they didn’t deserve.

Forgive yourself for times when you thought you could fix someone. You tried to change them, and maybe even several of your partners. But to no avail. You loved, you gave more, you tried, but you only hurt yourself.

Looking back, you can see that you made several bad choices. Because of that, you may have anger and regret. But we say to you, forgive yourself. Free yourself from the burden of blame and guilt

Do not be sad, but rather proud. Applaud yourself!
You have done everything. You took a risk. You didn’t fake it, you were honest. You were open about your feelings, which takes great courage. You saw the good in people that they probably don’t even see in themselves.

You have no fear when it comes to love! You’ve gained a lot of experience along the way, and a blind alley is only a failure if you don’t learn from it.

You are a good man.
Forgive yourself for the moments when you didn’t see that. When you focused on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. Every heartbreak is a lesson. It reminds you where your limits are and that you deserve so much more, so much better than you think.