Does My Ex Want Me Back? 7 Secret Signs

he does not contact you
Yes, this can also be an absurd sign that your ex wants you back. Don’t misunderstand: Of course, it can just as easily mean that he’s over you. The key here is to be attentive. Men tend to break off contact when they are suffering too much. If he doesn’t get back to you, but responds to your messages immediately and in detail, it may be that his withdrawal simply means that he misses you. It is his way of dealing with the loss.

The solution: Take the initiative and get back in touch. If he responds, you have your answer. He wants you back!

his friends keep contact with you
Suddenly his friends are contacting you? You continue to be invited to parties and birthdays as if nothing had happened. Male friends are actually very loyal. If they want to keep you as a member of their group, they may realize how bad your ex is doing without you – and see another chance for your love. The same goes for his family, by the way.

your ex calls you late at night.
This is a classic that can’t be missed here. There are two explanations for this: Either he’s lonely and misses you. Or he’s drunk and misses you. We do things at night that we would never dare to do in daylight.

he crashes: what does my ex really want?
To you, it may look like he’s really enjoying his freedom. He goes to parties, he flirts, he makes new acquaintances. It may be that he likes the single life. But a sudden change of life rarely happens for no reason. If it becomes excessive, he just plunges into the party life to escape reality. Men deal with heartbreak differently than women.

he asks your friends about you
If your friends happen to meet him, does your ex not avoid them, but even seeks to talk to them? He tries to stay in touch with you through them. Randomly, he directs the conversation to you, maybe even asks about you, and is generally incredibly friendly. Men know exactly what influence best friends have on each other. It’s quite possible that he wants you back.

he looks at you like he used to
At joint events, he may avoid direct conversation, but his eyes keep roaming over to you? Looks don’t lie – and reveal so much about our feelings that we can’t express. Pay attention to whether he’s paying attention to you. In his gaze, you’ll see if he wants you back.

you suddenly meet your ex at your favorite places.
He found your favorite cafe tacky, the art exhibition boring. But suddenly you meet your ex right there again? Seems like his attitudes have changed. He signals to you that he respects your interests. If he suddenly shows up at events you’ve RSVP’d to on social media, he’s looking to get close to you, hoping to run into you. Completely by chance, of course.

So there are plenty of signs you can use to tell if your ex wants you back. Now all you have to do is ask yourself the questions, do you?