Relationship: 3 Statements That Show You That Your Love Will Not Last

Not sure if the person by your side is the man or woman of your dreams? These statements will tell you that it really won’t last.

Finding the great love is a wonderful feeling. This tingling in the stomach, the constant grin and the good mood are part of it. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, when we are still freshly in love, it often happens that we see the world through rose-colored glasses. Everything our counterpart says and does seems to be right. However, this magic fades after a certain time and we bring ourselves back down to earth.

Of course, it can happen that disputes suddenly arise during this phase. These are also important in any healthy relationship, because only in this way we get to know our partner better. However, there are some statements that go too far and should set off alarm bells. If your boyfriend or girlfriend says the following things over and over again, this is a sign that the partnership will not last long and you deserve someone better.

“You should change xy of your appearance”.
An absolute no-go and honestly also something that can gnaw very much at the self-esteem, is when the partner or the partner criticizes something about our appearance. Be it the body size, the skin appearance, the nose, the breasts or anything else. There should really be no room for such statements in a healthy relationship. After all, we only feel really comfortable with a person when we know that they accept us as we are.

However, if the appearance is constantly laughed at or ridiculed, this is an indication that the partnership will not last long. You should have someone in your life who appreciates you for your character and would never want to pretend.

“You’ll never make it in life anyway”.
A happy relationship, which should also last long, lives on trust, honesty and support. Only those who push each other and are there for each other will gain the respect of the other person. If your partner doesn’t take your desires or goals seriously and doesn’t encourage you to achieve them and rather demotivates you, you should really think about whether or not this person really makes you happy.

“It’s always your fault”
Toxic people often sneak into our lives quite secretly. Sometimes it’s friends, acquaintances, or even your partner. Their negative traits may not be immediately noticeable at first, but over time a pattern can be seen. In a toxic relationship, your counterpart will always turn things around and make it look like it is your fault, even though this is not the truth.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is also always making this accusation and making you brood, you might want to take a step back and take some time for yourself. What do you want in a relationship? Is everything going the way you always wanted it to right now? Remember that your feelings and well-being come first for you.