“10 Signs You Can Recognize If He Is The One”

more than all words …

We cannot say “I love you” often enough. And no matter how many times we say it, it does not express all that we feel for Him.

he knows what is important to us

Things that we used to have to discuss with our partner are simple and easy with him. When we tell him that we want to run a marathon in another city, he doesn’t even ask to come with us, but says that he is waiting at the finish line to embrace us.

he is different

Actually, he does not correspond to our previous booty pattern at all, neither from the appearance, nor from the kind. But hey, somehow it doesn’t matter!

be childish

With him we can be silly and carefree. There’s no one better to laugh with – even at the silliest things.

he is our biggest fan

He often tells us how talented, beautiful, smart and strong he thinks we are. And he encourages us when we are weak.

just right

Even if we run out of energy, we still feel good with him. Simply because it feels so good to have him by our side and to know “Just in the right place with the right person”.

he knows us better than anyone else

We tell him everything – and we can. He can be trusted blindly and is supposed to know everything we think and feel. Too much? Too close? Staying a little mysterious? With him, such games are just nonsense.

our inspiration

He is definitely the most exciting person we know. One who inspires us and surprises us again and again.

every day is better with him

Even the shittiest day is bearable with him. Even if everything went wrong, it’s good to see him at the end of the day and be with him.

different from everything before

The relationship with him feels different than anything before. What exactly is different, you can’t even say. It just feels good. Special. And no matter what the reason, you never want to miss this feeling again. Yes, he is simply the right one. Therefore: hold on tight!