How Do You Get Rid Of Your Ex?

1- The break-up of a relationship can be the subject of moral prejudice, which can lead to unpredictable behaviour. This is why, even before breaking up, it is imperative to talk about it to someone you trust, such as a member of your family. You can also inform both of your respective families of your wish to be left alone and alone. The advantage of this is that it allows you to anticipate possible abrupt reactions from your ex(e).

2- Often, after a break-up, the spirit is hurt. This also has a negative impact on the body. The best way to remedy this is to practice a sport activity. The advantage of such an activity is to help you overcome the ordeal.

3- You should keep all the communications (SMS, e-mail…) you have or have had with your ex. All these documents can be important later on. You could record her voice messages, letters, emails, keep a call log…

4- Self-control. It is possible that your ex may provoke you or do things that could make you angry. In this case, you must control yourself to avoid gestures that you might regret later. You should therefore simply ignore it!

5- If your ex is obsessive, don’t think that you can change his or her attitude and behavior. No matter how much you coax him/her, he/she won’t change. If you are convinced that your break-up is irreversible, there is no point in continuing to use diplomatic formulas. You must be direct and tell him/her that the relationship is over and that there is no point in insisting. You must explain that the relationship is over and that you have no intention of going back. No doubt he (she) will suffer, but, as the days go by, he (she) will eventually come to his (her) senses and realize that it’s really over. The important thing here is to be very clear and determined. It is also important to let your friends know that the decision you have made is irrevocable.

6- Always be respectful. In your approach, simply explain why you think the relationship is irreversible. You can take this opportunity to invite him/her to look for a partner who will be able to meet his/her needs better than you used to. However, you must avoid hurting his or her self-esteem. Be firm. Despite your efforts, they may continue to harass you. Above all, avoid giving him the illusion that there will be a second chance. Let them know where you stand.

7- Your ex may offer to give him or her a second chance. If your decision to break up seems irreversible, look him/her straight in the eye and tell him/her that the decision has been made and that the breakup is non-negotiable. Also let her or him know that you need peace and quiet.

8- Don’t give them false hope. Physical encounters or hugs can make him/her think that a return is possible. Take a remarkable distance, because being close to him will only reinforce his feeling that he will be able to win you back one day.

9- Cut off all contact. By seeing and talking to you often, whether on the phone or live, he (she) may believe that a second chance is possible. So, he (she) will do everything possible to get your attention.

10- It is also important that your ex can understand that the page has already been turned. To let him/her know this, you can use your mutual friends by communicating your decision to separate once and for all with your ex. Some of them may tell him or her that there’s no point in insisting since you already have someone else in your life, for example.

11- Also cut off contact with your old mutual friends. If you have friends in common (virtual or not), he (she) can take advantage of them to annoy and bother you. It is enough that he (she) has access to your social networks to then get into your private life. In this airlock, it is better to cut contact with your old friends, in order to ensure maximum privacy.

12- If you have found another person in your life, don’t tell him/her. Otherwise, he (she) may harass him (her) or her or make a mess. In order to start a new relationship on a good footing, it is important that you be able to put your past behind you.

13- In spite of these measures, he (she) may continue his (her) harassment maneuvers. At this point, you may already start not answering his or her phone calls, text messages, or e-mails.

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