Where does jealousy in love come from?

From early childhood

Jealousy can occur very early and is all the more striking because it leaves its mark on a vulnerable child. The birth of a long-awaited baby brother can cause real pain for a child who is no longer the center of attention of his parents. In addition, in every family, children have the impression that there is a “darling”. This preference, whether it is well-founded or not, imagined or real, causes the child to experience his or her first feelings of jealousy.

Fear of loneliness

Sometimes, in love, we are not afraid of deception but of being alone in the evening. Our darling goes to see his friends, but we don’t really want to follow him, nor do we want to go to see our own girlfriends. While everything could go well, we trigger a drama because we are offended that Laurent does not want to stay on the couch with us but prefers to go and have a drink. Some women can’t stand loneliness, to the point that a few hours spent without their lover is torture for her to endure instead of enjoying the free time they have for themselves.


The injustice that teachers sometimes do can be a source of notorious jealousy. Julie’s Pokémon cards were confiscated after Lisa threw an eraser ball on the teacher’s desk. The unfounded punishment is often very badly experienced by the child who knows nothing about the principle of injustice.


Most of the time, jealousy in love stems from a first infidelity that is engraved for life in the memory. While you and Laurent were living a passionate love story, worthy of the greatest Hollywood movies, you realized that he was in a relationship with another girl. You were fifteen years old, and today, at the age of twenty-eight, you are still thinking about it.

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