To surpass oneself in love: is it necessary? Reinventing Love

If the magic of love works at the first encounter, it no longer works over time. One is tempted to abandon oneself to routine and one ends up accepting that love no longer exists. To escape failure, is it then necessary to surpass oneself? And how do you go about it?

What does “surpassing oneself in love” mean?

When the euphoria of the beginning fades and each party feels safe, the passion also begins to fall asleep. Boredom threatens the couple and you even end up forgetting the other. This is the moment to surpass oneself. Beware! One should not be mistaken on the meaning of these words. To surpass oneself does not mean making superhuman efforts or enormous sacrifices. It is only giving the best of oneself with the sole aim of finding happiness. It is then necessary to understand that love is a pact and it is based on sharing. To surpass oneself in love, one must first understand that one really needs the other to be happy. We must also show him/her this while taking the time to listen to him/her in order to understand his/her feelings.

Avoid misconceptions

It is often difficult to accept a breakup. One feels misunderstood and deceived. We even tend to measure love with material goods. There are many men who say: she left me, yet I gave her everything. When they talk about “everything given”, they are referring to material things like a small palace, jewelry or a nice car. This is a fundamental error. Love is a feeling that is based on respect and not on money. Offering the person you love a valuable object is not enough to make them understand that you love them. Yes, small gifts are important, but value doesn’t matter. Gentlemen, a small rose that you offer your wife with words of love and a look full of tenderness is better than a gold jewel that you place on her bedside table. Ladies, you can very well please your man with a warm welcome and a small romantic dinner. There is no need to buy him a small luxury leather goods. To surpass oneself in love is to enhance one’s feeling for the other with simple things and it is indispensable.

Intimacy is important

Faced with financial worries and discord, couples lose their complicity. This small bond that unites them and that pushed them to start a life together ends up breaking. They need to let go, to offer each other a little moment of intimacy to rekindle the flame. To surpass oneself in love is also to try to rediscover the other. Change is inevitable, especially after a few months or a few years of living together. It is necessary to be more and more interested in one’s passions, little habits and dreams.

Learn to trust him/her more

The greatest enemy of love is lack of trust. For the relationship to last long, it is necessary to surpass oneself by giving it more autonomy. Ladies, avoid questioning your man every time he comes home late. Gentlemen, allow the lady to go out and have fun with her friends from time to time. She is in great need of it. To surpass oneself in love is to allow the other person to blossom and have a better life. It requires a little work, but it’s more than necessary.

More romance

Once again, you are asked to surpass yourself by playing under the sign of romance. Many couples think that romance is for young lovebirds who have just met each other. This is really not true. From time to time, you need to share a romantic moment to remind yourself that love is always there.

Overcoming disappointments in love

This is the key to a couple’s success. Surpassing in love means overcoming disappointments to rebuild trust and complicity. Yes, he/she cheated on you and you are really hurt. But when you love a person, you must be able to forgive him/her. On the other hand, know that love can survive any hardship. You only have to believe in its strength. We are not asking you to do the impossible, we are simply asking you to take a step back and consider reconciliation instead of a breakup.

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