Why Does Our Hair Fall Out In The Cold Season?

Why does our hair fall out in the cold season? We give you some explanations and solutions to combat this.

According to a six-year study by a group of Swedish researchers, hair loss is accelerated by the cold season even in perfectly healthy people.

Why does our hair fall out more in the cold season? The key to understanding this process lies in understanding the hair growth cycle, which predetermines the lifespan of each strand. First there is the anagen (growth) phase, then the catagen (regression) phase, followed by the telogen (resting phase of the hair follicle) and finally the exogenous (shedding) phase.

And the rate of hair loss is measured from the anagen phase to the telogen phase, according to research by one hair brand, Roots, and this can be considered problematic when the anagen phase slows and the telogen phase increases. The speed of hair growth slows down at the end of summer (warm weather speeds up blood circulation and this stimulates hair growth in the sunny months), and come winter, you’ll notice more and more strands on your hairbrush.

And if this phenomenon is perfectly natural, then there’s not much to do. But we can adopt certain habits that can help us emerge from winter with beautiful hair.

Wash your hair regularly
We notice how much hair falls out as we wash it, but according to experts, this is nothing to worry about. As long as we use quality products and avoid styling as much as possible, there’s no need to wash our hair less often. It’s preferable to use a gentle cleansing product and brush your hair daily.

Style less often
You may not know it, but repeated styling with hot products can lead to irreversible hair loss. That’s why it’s recommended to reduce styling as much as possible or use styling products at low temperatures.

Use styling products sparingly
During the party season we tend to use more and more products such as hairspray or dry shampoo. Although these styling products are OK on occasions, overusing them can be one of the causes of why our hair falls out.

Vitamin D booster
It’s nowhere near as wow as a holiday to warmer climes, but nowhere near as expensive… but a vitamin D shot during the colder months may be just the thing you need to get your hair thicker.