Woman : The keys to the success of a first love date

You have just come into contact with a charming man. And since you’ve never been lucky enough to come across this type of man, you want to find ways to keep him from slipping through your fingers. So to make your first date a success, you want some tips. And that’s good, because I have just the thing for you.

The date is an important step. If you’ve met on a website, you probably haven’t met in real life yet. And when the going gets tough, both parties decide to take it to the next level. Ladies, this article will allow you to identify the main expectations of men and the little secrets that will allow you to succeed in your first date.

Stay Zen!

It’s the big day, you will finally be able to put a face to this person who has been talking to you for months on this dating site. As this is an important moment, you are probably very stressed. But it’s not worth it! If the person you like has agreed to see you, it is because she too is already seduced. You need to relax. If you can’t, think about this: during this first appointment, you will have more to gain than to lose.

Instead of leaving it up to him, decide together. That way, you can be sure that you are completely comfortable at the meeting place. You also need to choose the right time for that first date. It is not very brilliant to schedule your meeting 2 hours before a business meeting with your boss. When you have to meet with him, you should think of nothing else but to enjoy the moment as much as possible.

Take care of your appearance

Taking care of your appearance during your first appointment is a sign of respect and attention. If you show up with tousled hair and a dress full of ketchup stains, he’ll think that you made an effort to come and see him, but the desire and motivation were not there at all. Without you realizing it, that little bit of attention is enough to make the person across the street think positively of you.

You also need to choose an outfit that will fit perfectly in the place where you agreed to meet. If your appointment is at the opera, you won’t be putting on the clothes you’ll wear for a trip to the local coffee. In any case, there is no point in taking your formal clothes out, especially if you are just coming off work. As far as make-up is concerned, don’t take your hand too lightly. A small coat of lipstick and a little bit of mascara will already take effect.

Don’t be late

Those who say, “It’s better to arrive ugly than late” are less likely to make a successful first date. Why is this? Because nobody likes to wait. And while this statement may make sense at your parties with girlfriends, it has no place at all on a date. Always try to arrive at the agreed time.

If the location is too far away from your home or office, just make sure you get there early. By making your suitor wait for long minutes (maybe even hours), he will think that you are not motivated for the appointment. Your tardiness will even be seen as a message of contempt that you want to send him/her. If you are already sure that you cannot come on time, try to warn him/her well in advance.

Take an interest in him

It’s an old refrain in the world of seduction: the man must know key information about you to learn to better understand your expectations. But this rule is no longer a one-way street. Even if you are a woman, you must also show him a frank interest in his person. To achieve this, you must learn to listen to him.

It’s true, during this appointment you will surely try to put some positive details about your life, by telling her small flattering anecdotes. But don’t dwell on yourself. You must also prove to him that you want to know him too. Thanks to this technique, your interlocutor will immediately understand that he likes you and that you need to know a little more details about his private life in order to be able to engage or not in a more intimate relationship.

Avoid topics that revolve around your ex.

It is the taboo subject of all first dates. If you’ve gone down that road, if you’re sitting in front of him, it’s because you’re planning to write a new book, not keep reading the old one. For some people it’s obvious, but for others it’s not so obvious. You have to understand that talking about another man with whom you have shared your life in the past to the person in front of you is very hurtful. It doesn’t matter if you speak well or badly of that person, the other person will always believe that you have a hard time letting go of your past.

The first date is the ideal moment to discover this man, to know more about him. So why spend your time talking about your old stories? This is a unique moment for you and him, don’t spoil it by introducing ghosts from the past again.

Make him laugh

It’s true, humor cannot be ordered. But if you’re really not a funny person, at least try to make him smile, without putting on a clown show. A few nice anecdotes, a few good words, can be enough to relax the atmosphere during your date.

But since humor is a personal thing, don’t always expect a hysterical laugh from him. The goal is to create an atmosphere where complicity is welcome. It is easier to please with a good sense of humor. Moreover, if you get to this point you still can’t find a way to relax, it will help you a lot.

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