The break: good or bad idea?

The break, the break, call it what you want. We are faced with the fact: your couple is going badly. It’s going badly but you want to save it and start considering all the solutions to get back to your old fairy tale. An idea may begin to germinate in your head, that of not seeing your loved one for a while, just to come back rested and more in love than ever. But is it that simple? How effective is the often disparaged break?

Taking a break, a bad thing?

“A break is when a couple breaks up but doesn’t admit it” – that’s what your friends’ ¾ will think. But is it true? Not always.

A break allows you to break the routine that has set in, to relearn how to live alone and to decide how important this man is in your life. The break allows you to take a step back from your relationship. In a certain sense, the break allows you to recharge your batteries, to question yourself or to take back your personal projects in hand, while leaving those of your couple aside for a moment. During the break, you can think about resuming your studies without knowing whether or not to buy that apartment together, for example.

The break can offer the space of freedom to those who needed it, until they realize that the couple is not a prison and that life together is finally more pleasant.

When the couple is at an impasse, between a hesitant break-up and a clear break, I could only recommend the break.

Do not lie to each other

So that the break does not end in a disguised break and one of the two suffers, it is strongly recommended to find an end date for it. A break cannot be of an interminable duration.

It is also important not to consider yourself completely single during this period. You remain faithful (unless otherwise agreed upon with your spouse). If this idea seems unbearable to you, it is because your couple is strongly questioned and your feelings are no longer strong enough to hold out. The break may not be enough to keep your union alive.

Finally, there are no real rules for living your break well. It’s up to you to set them, taking your needs and desires into account. However, if you meet another person during this time, be very honest with your partner: he has the right to know. Be careful not to fall in love with the first person you meet just because he or she represents change… You will come back to your partner a few days later, and he or she will probably not accept your attitude.

If it is your spouse who meets someone, you should know that, despite the hard blow that this brings, it is not necessarily a bad thing since the situation is now flat: it is better that you choose to break up directly rather than leave this difficult situation dragging on and end up a cuckold.

In conclusion, a break-up is not a miracle solution to save your couple. What can’t be glued back together won’t be. The break can also sometimes be painful, let’s not lie to ourselves. However, it makes it possible to make a true work on oneself, to take distance and better apprehend its rupture or… Its reunion with its spouse! As for what happens next, no one can predict it, Who will live to see!

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