10 tips to keep love from dying, according to a couple in their 50s

  1. Someone has to give in

Just like in the movie starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, couples often break up because ego gets in the way at different times. This is the first tip to make your relationship last: someone has to give in, and preferably you should make sure that it is not up to you not to do so. Then you can calmly return to the subject of the conflict, but don’t let a small detail cause a vicious circle of quarrels.

  1. Get over things

We have to take a moment before reacting to situations, know and learn how to handle them in the best way so that the consequences are beneficial for both parties and in the long run.

  1. Accept

Several studies have shown that the infatuation and illusion of a couple only lasts a couple of years, could it be true? One of the keys to a successful relationship is to be clear about who you are and who your partner is. At the beginning, we are “blinded” of the defects and some time later we begin to notice details that bother us or that we didn’t think were part of our partner. No one is perfect, not even love; however, we can accept ourselves instead of deluding ourselves.

  1. Not everything is rosy

We all know this phrase, we have heard it many times. This does not mean that there will not be good times, but that we should not be discouraged by a bad one; since it is not the end of our relationship. Learn to value and balance the good moments with the bad ones, life is amazing.

  1. Think, then act

Relationships are for two, therefore we always have to think of the other before anything else. Being considerate with our actions and words is a great benefit and a great show of love towards each other.

  1. Be patient

How many of us need it? It is a term that is often mentioned and seldom applied. Patience is the key to everything, things are always as they should be and we must learn to take things calmly. Being patient is a quality that is no longer commonly seen, but that can actually bring us great benefits – inside and outside of an affective relationship.

  1. Mutual Respect

When respect is lost, the relationship is lost. Respect comes from how we talk to our partner to the actions we do with and without them present. It is best to always be clear about what we want, speak in an appropriate manner and be respectful.

  1. Solid foundation

What does this mean? What starts wrong, ends wrong and that is a law of life. To have solid foundations is to have our feet on the ground, to be realistic. We have to know where we are and where we are going to know if we are willing to stop or continue.

  1. Love yourself before loving others.

If you do not love yourself you cannot love another person. Never put your emotions and feelings aside because of your partner, because they have the same value and importance. In order to be okay with someone else you must first be okay with yourself.

  1. Be yourself

Odd couples? There is no such thing, all couples have something in common. When you are with someone you have to give them input in every aspect of your life in order to create one together. To be yourself is to share, to wrap yourself under the same blanket with your partner. To be so close that when you are apart you don’t feel the distance.

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