If He/she Does These 8 Things, Don’t Even Bother To Send Him/her A Message

  • Send short, effortless replies

You really put effort into the texts you send him. You make sure they’re not boring, that they show how interesting and fun you are, and he responds with a one word message.

He’s not cooperating. Texting is a two-way street.

Efforts must be mutual or you’re not moving anywhere. It’s the first little indicator of the one-sidedness you want to avoid at all costs.

  • He’s too busy to respond to you.

Most people are glued to their phones 24 hours a day, so it’s pretty funny when someone doesn’t text back immediately. But people shower, eat, sleep, work, etc. without their phones.

However, if he’s too busy to respond in a day, you don’t have to bother to keep texting him. No one is that busy, and he’s just teasing you.

  • He forgets to respond.

Ask yourself this, “Have I ever forgotten about him?” The answer will probably be, “No.” That’s because you like him and care about him.

If he’s so wrapped up in his day that he can’t find a minute to text you, he’s just not that into you, and that’s the only truth.

  • Delaying his response is part of his game.

He thinks the only way to keep a girl interested is to play with her mind. It all starts with texts.

He’ll send something and then wait hours to respond. He’ll ignore your last message for as long as he thinks he should.

If you like her, this will work. You’ll be on your toes at all times looking forward to his next message.

But he’s just openly showing you that he has “PLAYER” written all over his forehead. Stop texting him, you don’t have time to play games.

  • He forgets to mention that he is already in a relationship….

She must have “forgotten”. Yeah, right, as if she could forget that she’s in a relationship, engaged or, God forbid, married.

Sadly, the dating scene today is full of scum like this.

Needless to say, don’t even think about messaging him back. The best thing you can do is block him from your phone and your life.

  • He doesn’t text you back.

This goes without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning: there’s no point in sending text after text when the first one went unanswered.

It will look like you’re texting with yourself and not with him. It will make you look desperate, and it won’t make him respond to you any faster.

All in all, it doesn’t make sense. If your text message goes unanswered, leave it alone.

  • He gets angry because you didn’t reply immediately.

This is a big warning sign. You have a life of your own for God’s sake, and there are several reasons why you couldn’t respond right away.

And if he gets angry it may alert you that you better not send him any text messages.

Getting angry over something as insignificant as not getting an immediate response is a sign of controlling and jealous behavior. So, be very careful.

All in all, there is one rule you should apply when it comes to texting that will set this whole texting mess straight: If your friend is in a similar situation and your advice is “Don’t text back,” do the same to yourself, don’t text back.

We usually accomplish more with the text that is ignored than the one we send.

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