Infidelity is based on lying, and when we talk about it, we can go beyond the second relationship to other lies that affect the couple, such as hiding money, an extra job, behaviours considered harmful such as smoking, and the list can go on. As with any person who tells lies or, in other words, betrays the other person’s trust, there are several tell-tale signs and specific behaviours of the unfaithful.

What does infidelity in a couple mean?
Infidelity in a couple can take many forms, from the physical (and here with nuances, from kissing to sexual intercourse) to the emotional.

Emotional involvement may or may not be followed by physical contact. An escapade is different from a parallel love relationship maintained over time. Then there is also the possibility that the partner may fall in love with someone else, even if they are not going to have a relationship with that person.

Basically, through infidelity, that partner is somehow removed from the couple’s physical contact and their interests, deliberately or not, are divided.

Here are some behaviours that betray the unfaithful partner
Innocent” lies
You’ll feel it right away when your partner lies because it doesn’t tie the information together over time. That puzzle showing the time course of the partner’s activities breaks down. The explanation they bring is beyond credibility or the bounds of coincidence.

Becomes very careful with the means of communication and the machine
The partner becomes much more careful about what he leaves in the car and may even clean the car more often now.

He also becomes careful with his phone, laptop and any means of communication, passwords may be put everywhere, and the phone may be put on silent.

When the phone rings, however, you notice his promptness in immediately checking who is calling him and the fact that the phone is held in a certain way so that only he can see what the screen displays.

He no longer leaves his phone on the table or charging; it’s almost always in his pocket.

He’s becoming more attentive to the way he looks.
If until now, an unkempt beard or a random T-shirt satisfied him when he left the house, now he’s becoming more attentive to his appearance, his grooming, maybe even surprise him with a new perfume or facial.

What’s more, he’s becoming more mindful of the clothes he wears and maybe revamping his wardrobe.

He looks more romantic.
This is typical behaviour of the unfaithful partner, who tries to hide his emotional absence and feelings of guilt by intensifying romantic gestures. You may find yourself with a travel surprise (either rare or too short), flowers, candy, or sweet words; in any case, it becomes more tender than you knew. However, his tenderness increases and the responsibility in the couple decreases.

He becomes increasingly absent from things done as a couple, and you may experience abandonment or loneliness in the couple, trying to make up for it with promises he doesn’t keep.

More and more responsibilities on your shoulders or just doing as you
If up until now you felt you could ask his opinion, now you seem to be talking to yourself. Either he says to do as you do, or he doesn’t know, or he doesn’t have time; either way, the responsibilities are left solely to you.

What’s more, you feel that your time as a couple is getting considerably shorter. Maybe even if he’s at home, withdrawing, says he has extra work to do, you catch him spending a lot of time on his phone and so on.