How to handle differences and maintain the relationship?

There are many points in a relationship that must be taken care of for it to be long, pleasant, enriching and, above all, for the couple to be able to handle the difficulties that will inevitably be part of the story.

There is no single recipe; each couple will find their own way to achieve the desired longevity, friendship and complicity. Being a couple requires large doses of maturity, commitment, availability, desire and empathy. Everything seems clear and simple. However, when it comes to practice, maintaining a relationship is something laborious and not easy.

The encounter between two people who have different values, histories, models and plans is not sustained by love alone. Although love is fundamental, it is not enough to guarantee the solidity of the couple: it takes a great joint effort and dedication to affirm and maintain the love they feel for each other. Something that each one on his or her own would not be able to do.

One of the great villains of relationships is often the difficulty of dealing with, respecting and accepting differences when they arise. Certain stages of life are more critical for a couple and, at those times, differences can intensify, leading to major misunderstandings. In these periods, the habits, habits and even the difficulties of each one acquire a greater dimension, sometimes leading to criticize or devalue the couple.

The search for harmony must be constant, supported by the capacity of reflection, observation and an exercise of acceptance of the other as he/she is. To be with another person is a choice, a free decision and not an obligation. For this reason, it is necessary to accept what each one has chosen to be part of his or her life. This does not mean that there should be no adjustments, changes and conversations. But when one partner reaches the limit of his or her ability to change, the other must continue to exercise free choice and decide if he or she wants to continue to maintain the relationship.

Some are hopeful that the passage of time will make the other partner improve his or her faults and bring about change. It is unlikely that what bothers the other will change over the years of living together. On the contrary, certain characteristics tend to be accentuated. Defects and qualities make up a personality and make people unique. Having different ideas, habits, values, habits and opinions is not a provocation but a condition of human differences. Therefore, it is essential to practice tolerance without forgetting that it is not only the other, but that we are all bearers of particular characteristics.

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