How to spot a friend in love with you, 12 signs of her plans

  • Your friend tells you about her future, what she dreams of doing and who she wants to be with

It’s not unusual to have a best friend in love who shuts up her love but tells you so with her attitudes. One of the signs to detect a friend in love is the way she talks to you about her future plans. She talks to you as if time will never separate them.

It all seems natural, you accept it, you want a bright future too, but what are the chances that they will stay together? If she assumes that they will stay together, it is possible that she will cherish not a relationship of friendship, but of partnership. If she doesn’t include you in her plans, but from the way she talks to you you can tell that she does, and this is even stronger.

  • To detect a friend in love observe the depth of her questions

You can tell a friend’s love for her best friend by her body language. She is so comfortable with friendship and her love keeps it a secret for fear of rejection and losing you as a friend. But she has improved her confidence to the point that they seem closer than if they were in love.

If he asks you very deep questions it is a sign that he loves you as more than a friend. He wants to know about your family, what you plan for your future, what you dream about and even what you love. Detecting a friend who seeks emotional intimacy is a sign that she is in love with you.

  • A friend is secretly in love with you if she is emotionally open and gentle

How do you know if your friend really loves you as a couple? By how she opens up to you in her deepest emotional intimacy. For some time now you have noticed that her confidence has increased and you take it to mean that the friendship has improved. But if this includes a deep emotional bond that starts with her, it is about love.

One of the signs that your best friend likes you, even if you are a woman, is when she asks and answers herself. Ask about something very intimate and without waiting for your answer and she responds by showing you that she has an open heart. She talks to you so sweetly about her life, dreams and plans that she feels adorable.

  • If a woman is secretly in love with you she may become nervous talking to you

Another very common sign of a friend in love is nerves. Normally they talk about common things, but suddenly they talk about more personal things and get nervous. She may also try to make you laugh at a joke or something that happened to her, but she gets nervous.

One of the symptoms when a friend wants a romantic relationship with you is her nerves. Even if you are a woman she may be trying to tell you more intimate things. For example, something ridiculous that happened to her, but her nerves betray her and that means loving feelings.

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