How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Friends

You can provide support and reassurance
Friendship is a form of security. It’s important for you to be able to talk to your friend about all sorts of things and for them to be a good listener and support. Remember that this means a lot to your friend too.

Showing interest
Because friendship is multifaceted, it is important that you show interest in what they want to tell you or show you. You may have several stories from the weekend that you just have to tell! The important thing is that you can also give space to your friend. Both of you should be able to be part of each other’s discussions.

Be able to admit mistakes
You talk to your friend and just know that what you say yourself is right and their argument is wrong. Then, when it turns out that you are actually wrong, the only way out is to change the subject and try to forget about it or never admit the mistake. This can be a difficult part that many people have as a sort of defense technique. The mistake happens easily but no one is punishing you for your mistakes. It can feel very difficult but it is worth at least trying to compromise at first. Being able to admit your own mistakes is a win in itself.

Ask and accept apologies
An apology should be genuine and actually come from the heart. Depending on the situation, it is still important to be able to think through what has happened and actually consider the apology. Also, remember not to apologise too often yourself for small things. An apology shows that you regret an action and if it is said too often it will eventually not be taken seriously.

Let your friend be himself
As I said, friendship is security, so let your friend be yourself. Trying to change the little things in your friend’s life for your own sake takes away the trust and security of being yourself in your friendship. Instead, encourage and show that you support your friend’s interests and personality.

Have a good attitude
This point is also related to being able to admit your mistakes. You and your friend have the right to encourage each other, but also to criticise. The important thing is to see if you make the mistake of crossing the line. It may be a funny joke for you but something that is not as appreciated by your friend. Even though you may mean well in similar situations, it can easily escalate and form a bad atmosphere. Instead, make a nice comment about their clothes or personality. Show that you actually appreciate your friend, the relationship can only get better!