Make up big eyes: It’s so easy with white eyeliner

Making up big eyes is easy for us from now on! We reveal the easiest and quickest beauty trend for an awake and radiant look: With the help of white eyeliner, the Bambi look is guaranteed.

White makes you awake! This insight can also help you in your daily makeup routine and is a nifty beauty trend to give you big eye makeup. No matter whether you prefer to use, from now on, in addition to the classic black, you should also reach for a white eyeliner! The bright color opens the look and makes the eye look bigger and brighter.

There are different variations on how to make your eyes look bigger: The famous black ‘cat eyes’ or ‘wings’ are simply replaced by white ones or only the inner corners of the eyes are framed with eyeliner. Also possible: You complement your white eyeliner with another, colored line. This not only makes big eyes, but also provides freshness.

That’s why white kajal opens your eyes
The trick that makes your eyes look big and bright is that the light line of the kohl pencil visually blends with the white of the eye. This way, your makeup makes you look much more awake right away and your eyes look bigger. This method is particularly suitable for light eye colors. White kohl creates an exotic contrast to dark eyes.

Big eyes make-up: It’s that easy!
Emphasize the upper lash line with a narrow, white eyeliner. Draw the line from the outer edge of the eyelid to the inner corner of the eye. It will be easier for you if you dab the eyelid dry beforehand and apply a little powder. This way, the color of the pencil won’t smudge as easily. To complete the look, lightly mascara the lashes with the mascara of your choice.

If the white seems too bright, you can also use other light shades, such as a light gray, pink or beige.

Especially for very small eyes, you’ll love this makeup tip. But this beauty trend is also ideal for short-sighted eyeglass wearers. Thanks to the white color, you can make up your eyes big and counteract the “shrinkage” of the eyes through the glasses.