7 Steps To Finding Yourself And Healing After A Breakup

Give yourself time to suffer
Don’t lock all the pain in your heart. Don’t refuse to cry, don’t refuse to talk about how you feel. It’s normal to suffer, it’s normal to be sad, it’s normal to feel like nothing. This stage is important, don’t ignore it.

Allow emotions to exist, but don’t allow the break-up to consume you completely
Don’t go into a dark area of your life. Don’t allow this breakup to consume you, to transform you, to turn you off your path. The most important thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself and put yourself first every time.

Don’t blame yourself
No questions you haven’t answered. No blaming. No pointing fingers at yourself. What’s done is done. It happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. Think that the Universe always has a better plan for you, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be yours.

Distance yourself from the source of the pain
It may be hard, but it is important and necessary to cut all ties with the person who hurt you. Delete messages, hide photos and try not to search their social media account.

Learn to look on the bright side
Now you have time for yourself. You have time to find yourself, rediscover yourself, find your passions and what makes you happy. Take advantage of this time to create the best relationship you can have with yourself. Do what you love, put yourself first and show your soul how much you love it.

Don’t give up on love
Just because it’s happened now, doesn’t mean you have to build huge walls around your heart. No way! Don’t give up on love because it is the most beautiful feeling your soul can feel. Trust that what is meant to be yours will find a way to you.

Love yourself enough to know you deserve more
Never settle for less than you deserve. Never rush things. You deserve more than you think. You deserve real love. You deserve stability. You deserve someone who will stand by you unconditionally. You deserve honesty. You deserve to be respected. You deserve the most beautiful love in the world.