How to make a woman fall in love quickly, 4 secrets, she will think of you

  • If you tell her stories, you will make her think of you and fall in love.

She can be your friend, a new acquaintance or someone you are dating for the first time. Girls love stories. A story allows you to create feelings of intense connection and love.

A good story makes her fall in love with you quickly. In other words, it’s not about physical attractiveness or money or fame. Women are conditioned by love stories.

Women love those moments when a man takes courage and approaches them romantically. She loves to have a love story of her own to tell her friends.

  • How to make a woman fall in love fast: Live your story

To make her fall in love with you you have to get into her head with your stories. Then it will be time to listen to her and discover her goals and dreams.

To make her fall in love with you you have to give her signs that you will be in her future. She must feel that with you she will achieve her biggest dreams and a lifestyle she loves.

If she talks to you about her future as a mother, ask her, do you think I would be a good father? That way you’ll get her to consider you in her life. Just be sure to be consistent.

  • If you make her live an adventure she will love that moment.

To make a girl fall in love with you you have to make her experience emotions that stick in her mind. The more emotions you have together the more connected she will feel to you. That is love attraction.

Going to the movies, for a walk or dinner is very common. You can propose to do something else that is more original and exciting. Ask her about something she wants to do and doesn’t dare to do yet.

If you help her overcome a fear or if she has fun in a way she never thought she would, you will enter her mind. Her thinking of you as part of her positive emotions means falling in love.

  • For a woman to fall in love fast, your conversation must excite her.

It is not enough that you tell her good stories, you need to put emotion in your story. Being passionate is a good way to make a woman fall in love with you fast.

It’s okay to talk about common and frequent topics, the weather, work, where they are from, etc. But to get her off autopilot talk to her about something new and exciting.

There are questions that can make a girl fall in love, the more entertaining your questions the better.

  • Who would you ask out on your birthday if you were famous?
  • How is it a perfect day for you
  • Do you remember the last time you sang alone?
  • Did you ever have a hunch about how you would meet the guy of your dreams?

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