How can we help ourselves when we feel our heart is broken?

Many people experience heartbreak after a love disappointment or painful breakup. We are unhappy, suffer and experience unrelieved pain. Find out how we can help ourselves when we feel our heart is broken?

A broken heart – how does it affect us?
There are many situations in life when our heart can be broken,. Unrequited love, rejection of our feelings, a painful breakup, the departure of a loved one.

All this makes us feel unbearable pain and suffering. These are not the only feelings we experience… we often feel disappointed, let down and rejected. We can completely break down, close in on ourselves and push away from others. At the same time, there is a lot of anger and rage in us, we feel unfairly treated and wronged. This can also cause us to develop a desire for revenge and retaliation.

How to deal with a broken heart?
Each person reacts differently when someone breaks their heart. Find out how you can help yourself when you feel your heart has been broken.

Cut yourself off from the past
One theory is that when we are in love, the same areas in our brain are activated that are active in people addicted to psychoactive substances. After a breakup, our brain continues to demand the stimulant that was love. That’s why it’s so difficult for us to move on and forget….

The most important thing is to cut ourselves off from the past. Stop reminiscing, unraveling and thinking about the ended relationship or the person who left and left you. Only this will help heal the pain in your heart.

Stop idealizing
After a breakup, we very often idealize the former partner and our relationship. We only remember the pleasant, beautiful moments we spent together. We focus on how good we were, how much we had in common and how much we loved each other. We distort the memory and do not think rationally. What can we do to get over it? Think about the unpleasant moments and flaws of your relationship, recall the reasons for the breakup. This will help you shake things up and stop idealizing.

Don’t analyze
Analyzing the reasons for the breakup and thinking too much about why someone left you won’t help either. If you want to heal a broken heart, stop analyzing and pondering. Don’t waste time on it, accept someone’s decision and don’t try to influence it.

Time is the best medicine
A broken heart heals very slowly. A riddle in your heart may remain forever, but it will make you stronger. The best cure for a broken heart is simply time. If you consider this stage of your life closed, with time you will move on and stop suffering, and time will heal the wounds.

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