How do you recognize the signs that the person you meet is right for you?

During encounters, sometimes the first glance can immediately define the evolution of your relationship. In fact, a first meeting allows you to become familiar with and get to know more details about the person. However, some details can be hidden, which sometimes requires a little insight.

The first minutes of the meeting

You are in front of the person with whom you have an appointment, you introduce yourself. Try not to reveal your shyness if you are shy, remain zen and present yourself properly. If the person in front of you presents himself or herself calmly, the person is calm and/or knows how to manage shyness. If the person is rather shy then don’t get irritated, know how to relax the atmosphere. If the person is somewhat shy, it is possible that he or she is impressed by your build and/or style. This can be a very positive point in the basis of the relationship. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions during the date about where to go for dinner, for example. But never forget to ask the person with you for advice. Indeed, this will give you the opportunity to find out if this person has a personal opinion, if he or she has a strong personality or not. At what point in the date will you see that the person opposite is really the right one? Even before the date has even started, these few signs can give you a clue.

1- He/she arrived on time

Have you ever heard about the importance of first impressions? Good or bad, this first approach will set the tone for the whole meeting. So take the time to observe the person’s actions well before the appointment actually begins. And the first question to ask yourself is:

Did he/she arrive late? – (if it’s 10 minutes, don’t consider it a delay).
Did he/she warn you that he/she will be a few minutes late?
Did he/she cancel the appointment at the last minute without giving you any explanation? If so, there is no point for you to believe that he/she is the right person. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some may do this to you, for example, to make you seem inaccessible. But in any case, it’s already a clear sign of how much interest he/she has in you and the rest of your relationship.

2- You immediately felt a mutual attraction

With the necessary information and experience, you don’t have to wait hours before you realize that the person in front of you is really the right one or not. If, for example, during the first few minutes of the meeting you feel a mutual attraction on a physical level, but also on a personality level, you can have more hope for the rest of the appointment.

A simple “hello” can, sometimes, be enough to judge that the current will pass well or, on the contrary, will not pass. It only takes a little bit to judge that both parties are making efforts to make this moment pleasant and comfortable for both of them. And unless you have a completely different vision of what is called the “right person”, the one in front of you is really on the way to becoming one.

3- You can’t wait for him/her to arrive.

Just hearing about this appointment gives you butterflies in your belly? It’s one of the signs that never fails! Better yet, you find yourself smiling every time he/she sends you a message or when the watch indicates that it’s almost time. Contrary to what you may be tempted to think, being nervous on the day (or sometimes even a few hours before) is not always a bad thing. On the contrary, it can be a positive thing. It means, in fact, that you are excited to see him/her and that deep down you already know that he/she doesn’t leave you indifferent. Even though it may disappoint someone, know that you don’t have total control over your body. And these little butterflies are the way he/she finds to guide you to the right path.

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