How do you make a good impression on the person you meet?

During a date, the first thing that comes to mind is seducing the person. Indeed, it is a goal to reach if you want him to be interested in you and this in an evolutionary way. It is possible that you are trying to attract the person’s attention or to constantly impress them but without success. It is possible to get the person’s attention while remaining yourself without lying and without making rash actions.

Points to be respected to make a good impression at first glance.

It is the D-day, the H-hour, you are in front of the person instead of being stuck, try to stay calm. Indeed, by remaining calm you will be able to manage the situation without any problem. A softened look is a sign of someone who is passionate. Such a look will create a good atmosphere from the very first minutes of the meeting. Avoid a cold look, on the contrary smile and be yourself. Don’t make too superficial gestures, gallantry is a luxury to be offered in these situations in order to make a good impression. Among other things, don’t forget to bring a small flower or a small gift to mark your esteem of the person.

What to do after the first few minutes of the meeting?

The evening continues, you have been to a restaurant or a cabaret, some gestures can quickly give an impression of your culture and education. As you sit down on the table, pull out the chair and let the meet-cabaret ‘sit’ first. This gesture of gallantry is very well perceived and attracts special attention from the person. If you are in a cabaret, do not hesitate to invite her to dance. If you are enterprising, it will give you a feeling of confidence and can be well appreciated by the person with whom you are sharing the moment. If the person hesitates or is reluctant, don’t insist too much because it could offend them. Know how to start a dialogue by talking about what you like but also by talking about things you have noticed in the person such as his or her style of dress, hairstyle, don’t skimp on compliments, it is a great ally to show interest in the person. However, avoid being superficial in your expressions and don’t gesticulate too much by staying calm, you will be able to manage your stage fright and above all be attentive to what your interlocutor will tell you.

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