This is the love letter you should send when you turn 6 months of your relationship

It’s been six months since our first kiss, it seems hard to believe. It’s not much in the grand scheme of life, but it’s enough time to know how much I love you.

My life before I met you is nothing like the one I have now by your side. Knowing you is like God has heard my prayers.

Thanks a million for taking me out of that sad existence. So now, six months into our relationship, I write you this sincere love letter.

After my heart was broken twice, my Saturday afternoons were reduced to ordering pizza and a movie. The rest of the days I just got up for work.

I became a hermit for fear of getting involved with someone. I stopped believing completely in a person’s love as a reason for my happiness, until I met you.

Thank God that day the letter carrier got the number of our apartments mixed up and I was able to meet you. I think it was love at first sight and everything changed in my life.

We agreed on enough things to have something to talk about. And our differences are enough and varied to know new worlds each one.

We never lack words to talk about. And when we are silent we only need to look into each other’s eyes so that everything is wonderful. For example, your kisses.

Today is the sixth month of this wonderful love and I just want to write this letter from my heart. I am really happy thanks to you to such an extent that sometimes it is hard to believe.

Now I arrive earlier and more radiant at work. People ask me where my happiness comes from. They want to know what is wrong with me, because I sing so happily.

Some already know what my great secret of love is. Some look at me with envy and others congratulate me. I feel as if you are always walking by my side, I embrace you, kiss you and caress you.

Six months my love. We have become as one because only one look or one word defines how our day will be. I hope you are in your bed when you read this love letter.

I am now singing that song from The Hollies – The Air I Breathe: “Sometimes all I need is the air I breathe and to love you.

I love you my love, happy six months of our life together.

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