Behaviors of a man who wants to break up: the 12 signs

1 It gives less news

First sign, easy to see, he gives you less news, is less eager to write you, call you, see you. Gone are the days of cute messages and long calls, now he barely answers you, calls you back every other time, gives you a short answer, without emotions. He no longer initiates calls or messages and sometimes he doesn’t even answer you!

2 The emotional distance

He is also distant when you are together, emotionally. He is silent and you feel like you are talking to a stranger or staying on the surface. Or he doesn’t listen to you anymore and he never remembers what you said. You’re not as close, he doesn’t talk about what’s important anymore. Besides, you have noticed if you live together, that he comes home later and later, that he is distracted, absent, always tired, elsewhere, little concerned.

3 A lack of attention: one of the behaviors of a man who wants to break up.

You realize that he is no longer attentive to you, to what you feel, to your couple. He is no longer interested in you and no longer seeks to please you. The small loving attentions have disappeared. Sweet words, kisses, but also everything that makes the complicity of a couple disappear little by little. As we know, the attentions and the proofs of love are essential in a couple. By losing them, it shows its distance from you.

4 His social life is done without you

Even if you keep your independence and your special moments with your friends, you obviously share common outings and activities as a couple. Circle of friends, family, colleagues, you know them. But lately, this has changed. They avoid proposing or sharing activities with you, they exclude you from their outings and projects. It is alone that he sees the world, as if he needed to breathe, to spend much more time without you or that he no longer wants to include you in his social life.

Moreover, it has recently happened to him, at the last minute, that he cancels an outing with you. In fact, with others, he is active, but not with you. You no longer spend evenings with him as lovers, over dinner or at the movies, nor do you spend time with his family or friends. He is building a social life as if he were single.

5 Physical estrangement is one of the blatant behaviours of a man who wants to break up.

Whereas before you were physically close and he was rather tactile with you, today this is no longer the case. Indeed, when you are together, sitting on the sofa for example, he no longer sits close to you. At friends’ houses, he won’t try to stay next to you or send you little gestures of tenderness. He won’t kiss you as he used to, won’t take your hand, won’t hug you. Your intimate life is not as it used to be, you no longer make love, or almost. He no longer shows desire, he has become cold and distant. The physical distance, the decrease of desire in the couple is then as obvious as the lack of communication between you.

8 He pushes you to the limit

In fact, he doesn’t just criticize you, he does everything he can to make you lose your temper and push you to break up. Making you lose patience, disappointing you or taking distance is a way of showing his distance but without taking responsibility for a clear and assumed decision. Unable to break up on his own, he may continually look for arguments and hope that you decide to end the relationship. But why is it so difficult for him to tell you that he wants to leave you? Fear, procrastination, cowardice, guilt, several reasons can explain it.

9 He has become a ghost: his absences are behaviours of a man who wants to break up with you.

For some time now, he has been leaving before you for work without saying goodbye. In the evening, he comes home later and later, claiming long meetings at work or appointments with friends. The worst thing in this situation is that you can no longer communicate because he is never there. You live with a ghost, a draught that thinks the house is a hotel and doesn’t care about you and your couple at all. It is as if he has given up the game, he leaves you to deal with your questions and doubts, the escape is easier for him.

10 He sleeps over

Worse still, he doesn’t just leave very early or come home very late: no, he’s sleeping over… At first, he finds excuses for not coming home in the evening: a business trip, a drunken evening at a friend’s house… But as time goes by, it has become recurrent and on top of that, he doesn’t tell you clearly where he’s going and who he’s with when he’s out. This is obviously a bad sign and subject to many interpretations. He no longer wants an intimate relationship with you, he is cheating on you, he is looking for a way out? You have time to consider the worst while he is not taking responsibility and leaves you in doubt and ignorance.

11 He is no longer interested in making plans for the future with you.

You used to love to talk about your future together, how many children you would have, your marriage, the house you were going to buy… Or just about your next vacation or weekend. But now it’s over, he doesn’t seem to be interested anymore, he remains very vague while avoiding making promises to you, and you can see that he runs away from any project of future together with you. In fact, he no longer projects himself with you and so he does everything to avoid this kind of subject so as not to lie to you, to make you hope or to have to tell you the truth. He saves time, not yet knowing when or how to leave…

12 He wants to take a break

On the contrary, he has decided to make a decision and he asks you to take a break. Of course, this is not yet a definitive break. He says he needs to reflect, to take a step back, to know where he is and what he still feels or doesn’t feel for you. A break in the relationship is not necessarily synonymous with a definitive breakup and sometimes re-coupling works. Having said that, you must keep in mind that it can be an excuse or a pretext to leave through the back door, leaving a hope that in the end you will never come back.

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