Such moments are important to keep the flame of passion burning.

Most likely, you are waiting for a special occasion to spend a romantic evening with your partner. In fact, an evening reserved just for the two of you, when you’re not celebrating any special event, can be a much more romantic gesture than when you somehow feel indebted to each other to spend time together.

Such moments are important for keeping the flames of passion burning, getting to know your loved one better and for building a lasting relationship. But don’t think you need to do anything out of the ordinary or go out to an expensive restaurant just to enjoy each other’s company. There are unique ways you can organise something nice in the privacy of your own home.

Agree on a day when you both have time
Surprises are nice, and spontaneity can work wonders, especially when you’ve been together for a while. But if you both have demanding jobs, the last thing you want is to wait for your lover dressed in provocative lingerie, with an open bottle of wine, and he’s too tired or stressed to unwind.

Planning doesn’t mean the death of passion, especially if you both want an evening just for the two of you. And if you want an element of surprise, don’t divulge all the details up front. Just tell him you’d like to do something nice for him and let him anticipate what’s next.

Create a romantic atmosphere with special lights
The s**y lingerie and bottle of wine I mentioned earlier sounds great when you’re both ready for something special. It’s also the quickest way to ensure a passionate evening, but if you want to prolong the waiting and anticipation a little longer, you can start with a romantic dinner in soft lighting.

Take inspiration from here for how you can create that physical contact atmosphere with a lampshade or chandelier with adjustable brightness. It’s a good long-term investment – you can use it for all your romantic moments in the future.

You can prepare the food yourself, if you know you have a talent in the kitchen, or you can order from a restaurant that you both like, if you don’t want the evening to be an endless discussion about the fiasco you produced in the kitchen.

Choose the right music
A muted music that only works as background sound is another ingredient you can go safe with. Sensual jazz chords are perfect for setting an physical contact atmosphere, but you can also choose songs that remind you of the beginnings of your relationship. The music should relax you, but not put you to sleep, so be careful when selecting your playlist.

Say “I love you!”
And not necessarily with words. It can also be through a card, you can write it on a dessert or, if you have a talent for writing, through a poem or short story. Proof of love is the most important thing in a relationship and no statement can compare to having your partner by your side in the hardest of times, but from time to time you need to tell them that, even if they already know it.

Prepare a relaxing bath
A bathtub filled with warm water and sprinkled with a few drops of aromatic oils and lots of bubbles can be the perfect way to unwind from the daily grind. Plus, it’s not hard to prepare and no man has yet been invented to refuse such a treatment. Massage your back, where tension builds up, to let yourself go completely afterwards.

Such moments can also work as a relationship reboot, especially when you feel you’ve drifted apart lately or when jobs have kept you apart. Plus, your lover will definitely appreciate you doing your best to please him and will return the favour at the first opportunity.