7 good habits to be positive every day

1/ “I am fine, everything is fine”.

Do you know the Coué method? Emile Coué, a 19th century psychologist, invented this method of autosuggestion. The goal is to repeat this sentence as much as possible, every day, until it becomes an evidence.

In personal development, this can take the form of a positive affirmation that corresponds to you, that you have personalized. The idea of “I’m fine, everything is fine” is not to generalize or pretend, but to find your “mantra” that will help you move forward.

Autosuggestion has real power over our brain and allows us to gradually change our vision of things.

2/ Music as an anti-stress

There’s nothing like listening, humming or singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs to get your day off to a good start. At home while getting ready, in transportation, walking with headphones on, or even during your car ride, anything is possible.

This moment of relaxation is an excellent anti-stress. It will give you the smile and energy you need to start your day.

3/ Look at what is beautiful around you

Take the time to enjoy the beautiful things around you. Have you noticed the beautiful sunset, that tree in bloom or that painting in the window of the art gallery you pass by every day? Have you taken the time to stop for a minute to contemplate them?

There are simple but beautiful things all around you that are good for your morale, that make you smile. No matter whether you are in the city or in the countryside, there is always a little thing that can catch your attention.

It is this small detail that will allow you to anchor your day in a positive atmosphere.

4/ The art of meditation

Meditating is not sitting down and wasting time thinking about nothing, on the contrary. No, to meditate is to finally take time for oneself, really. To clear your mind, to let go and to refocus yourself.

A few minutes are enough for this practice to limit stress and anxiety. But it also allows you to increase your positive emotions and thus gradually transform your vision of things. So take the time for this moment just for yourself, a few minutes each day when you get up or go to bed.

5/ Take advantage of the present moment

Focusing on our “to do list” to accomplish, we forget to enjoy the moment. We don’t live the moment at instant T, we fly over it. We are physically there but our ideas are elsewhere. And by acting thus we have no more control on our present, what we live escapes us.

It is then not possible any more to savour a moment so much our spirit is caught by what we will have to do afterwards. The following day, the days after and so on. It is an endless list.

So remember that every day is worth its weight in gold and that you have the right to enjoy the moment. That you even have to, otherwise you’ll miss the point.

Focus your attention on it and let your thoughts pass without holding them back. Make the most of every positive moment that life offers you.

6/ Set yourself goals

 Conversely, aren’t you tired of procrastinating? To be content with your little routine and not dare to do things? By not pleasing yourself in short.

Look beyond the barriers you’ve built around you. They are not real. Set yourself goals, some kind of goal, whatever it may be.

Ask yourself what you want to feel good, happy, positive, happy. When you have found it, take the time to analyze the feeling that rises within you at the idea of this new project. It’s motivating to have a goal, don’t you think?

7/ Test gratitude

In the evening, instead of thinking about your problems or thinking about what you didn’t have time to do, think about what you enjoyed during the day. It doesn’t matter what it is. A smile, a giggle, a message, a discussion, something you saw, a case closed, a compliment.

The important thing is not what didn’t go wrong but what went right, what went right, what went right. And be grateful for that. It’s called gratitude. To realize that, put end to end every day, these little things are important, you can keep a book of gratitudes. Write down what you enjoyed about your day and the positive thoughts associated with it.

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