5 things a couple doesn’t necessarily have to share

1/ Toothbrushes

Yes, we start with something material! Of course, oral exchanges are commonplace in a relationship, and are even beneficial to your health! But don’t you dare share your toothbrush with your sweetheart for all that! Ask your dentist for details, but basically, if you do, you risk inflicting various types of damage to your mouth and dental system.

2/ Stories with your ex

Because even if your darling loves you, trusts you, and knows that your story is in the past, it’s never very pleasant to imagine things… Whether they’re true or not! So don’t hide your previous relationships, but don’t go into unnecessary details either. Whether he/she is jealous or not, it is never very delicate to refer to your past love stories.

3/ Passwords

They are the key to your Secret Garden 2.0 don’t forget it! Whether it’s the password of your phone, your computer, your email accounts and your social networks… Of course nothing says that your half will go through everything from top to bottom, but are you sure you want to give him the possibility of an almost permanent access to all your contents?

4/ Your too personal opinions

Of course you can, and even must share your opinions and views with your sweetheart! Dialogues and debates are healthy and necessary for the good evolution of a relationship! But, because there is a but, you are not obliged to share all your opinions, especially the most sensitive ones. Here we think of political opinions for example! Or your opinion about the charming woman, the charming handsome guy you just met… A little reserve has never done any harm.

5/ Your bathroom stories

When it was suggested to you to keep a certain part of mystery… The subjects pee poo poo acne, and other similar festivities, it is part of it! Of course you’re human, but that doesn’t mean that you have to feel obliged to report to him or her…

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