Reasons Why We Need Partners In Our Lives

To share our joys and sorrows (including intimate and overly personal aspects)
We all need to talk to someone about the things that worry us. As human beings, we go through all kinds of emotions and some of them are very difficult to live alone. Something like grief gets better with support and affection. These things take time and not feeling alone in our problems is essential for any kind of recovery. If a person has to experience difficulties alone, it becomes too difficult.

Having someone to confide in
Everyone has friends to talk to and let off steam, but there are things that few people can understand. Everyone is busy with their lives and they can’t be available to listen to us all the time. There are things that only a few people close and trusted can discuss with us. In times of vulnerability, we only want to talk to those who understand us and have known us for a while. We know that these people can be trusted and that there is no need to be ashamed of being weak or demoralized in front of them.

Having someone to stick up against
As human beings, we need physical contact. When two people kiss, our brains release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. We need this warmth and affection to stay happy and face a difficult life. There is something very comforting in someone’s arms, you feel good and safe.

An extra pair of hands
If you ask someone who was raised by a single parent, they will tell you that their needs may have been met, but it could never be the same as if two people had taken care of them. Dividing even one task can make things easier and faster. If one person does the work of two, it won’t take long for them to become exhausted. Little things like handing you the towel in the shower or just bringing you water from the kitchen make your life easier than you think. Plus, instead of looking like mundane chores, activities become fun when two people do them together.

A Different Perspective
There are times when two people don’t agree on something and it can drive us crazy. But there are many times when you want to think differently about something or find a creative solution to a problem. At times like these, one more person’s opinion is valuable and can help us a lot. There have been people who used to think very negatively until someone told them to always look on the bright side. Sometimes we destroy our brain on something and are confused about what to do.

Having someone to support us
Whenever we are in trouble, we want to feel safe. We need to know that we are not alone and that there is someone there to support us. We don’t have to face horrible experiences alone. When we are going through a difficult time, when everything around us seems dark and we lose hope, we need someone to come and pick us up and tell us that everything will be okay.

To have someone to rejoice with
Just as we all want to share our sorrows, we also want to share our happiness with others. We want to have that person who rejoices with us at a time when everything is going well. What is the point of having something good in our lives when we have no one to talk to about it? We need someone who will be as excited and happy for us as we are for ourselves.

To have someone to bring us back to reality
There are times when we are so despondent that we lose hope. We begin to look at things through black tinted glass and become sensitive to the people around us. In these moments, we really need someone to tell us that everything we think is wrong, how our insecurities and fears only hurt us. To motivate, encourage and support us in all of life’s endeavors.

To have someone who understands us
People can’t read someone else’s mind. It takes time for someone to get to know you and then understand when things aren’t going so well. There are times when we have a bad day at work and when we come home with depressing thoughts, we want someone to hug us and ask us what happened, instead of someone who can’t even read our body language. A person should talk to their partner about their needs so that they know what that person wants depending on their condition. Not everyone is looking for the same thing and everyone functions differently.

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