11 signs that you gave your love to the wrong person, what to do

  • When you are alone your happiness is extinguished, you don’t feel you have something with that man

It is very easy to pretend a relationship but we cannot deny what we truly feel. Many women accept a relationship just for not seeing themselves, for having something or for not being bored. Sometimes family and friends pressure you to have a partner and you make the wrong decision.

If you are comfortable, you may have given your love away in the wrong way, and that sadness when you are alone is one of the signs. Loving the wrong person is a sign of emotional dependence. But if you are just wrong you can be honest with yourself and with that person, always with love for yourself.

  • Signs that you gave your love in the wrong way: You feel that something is missing

Sometimes you fall in love with the wrong person because you don’t know them well and you allow yourself to be guided by your expectations. But when you have that constant, stinging feeling that something is wrong, something is wrong. You need to reflect on what is wrong in your life: work, family, weather, food or is it him?

It may not be easy to realize that your partner is stealing your energy. But if he doesn’t respect your time, if he only shows up when he needs you, if you don’t enjoy spending time with him, it’s not the right love. Take your time to reflect on every detail of your relationship, staying alone can be more fun.

  • Apparently you have a good partner, but emotionally you feel exhausted

A good relationship multiplies your happiness, your freedom and your possibilities of personal and professional progress. But if you feel that your life is getting complicated, if your soul is overwhelmed, it is an indicator that something is wrong. Observe the joy you have in showing off to your partner. If there is, it is good; if there is not, it is toxic.

One of the signs of a toxic relationship is emotional exhaustion, you gave your love to the wrong person. You don’t feel inspired, but rather sad. Nor does it motivate you or revitalize your soul, but rather you feel without energy. A relationship must be full of vitality.

  • It does not take you into account in its future and you also stopped getting excited as before

This is another sign that you are with the wrong person. It may be that when you’re together you have an amazing time in bed. Let’s even admit that they love each other in a certain way, but he has very different plans for his future than you do. He doesn’t think about a home with you, or even traveling together.

When you’re with the wrong person you just live in the moment, then it’s like they don’t exist. There are no illusions or if there are, nothing feeds him. He’s a good man, but he doesn’t want anything formal. What can you do? Keep him as a friend and look for someone who will ignite your ideals.

  • Signs that you gave love in the wrong way: You spend more time crying than laughing

In a good relationship there are also good days and bad days. Healthy relationships are strengthened by solving your problems. But if the relationship has more bad days than good days, something is not right. It is sad to fall in love with the wrong person, but it happens very often.

It is not bad to fall in love with the wrong person, what is bad is not getting out of that relationship. Getting out of the wrong relationship will make you stronger, it will make you wiser to choose your next relationship. A good relationship does not need sacrifices of crying, but sacrifices of providing solutions.

  • Loving the wrong person can cause you to drift away from your family and friends

If your family and friends try to avoid your partner it can mean two things: That they are jealous of you or that they see something wrong with your partner. In this case, to assess whether you gave your love away in the wrong way, you need to look at the other signs. Also, think about whether your family has always been looking out for your best interests.

Remember that many times love makes us blind and we are the last ones to know something wrong. It is ugly to fall in love with the wrong person and be the last to know. What can you do? Improve your self-esteem and get the facts on paper.

  • Your relationship is one-way and you don’t feel valued for how much you do.

One of the signs that you gave your love to the wrong person is when you are the one doing everything to make it work. You are the one who calls him, the one who looks for him, the one with the details, the one who waits and encourages him to leave. If your partner doesn’t love you back and doesn’t value you, it means he doesn’t love you like you think he does.

In a good relationship, love should go both ways. And the signs that you are with the wrong person don’t necessarily have to be dramatic. But if your priority is your relationship and even though you put all your love into it you feel frustrated, it means that he is not putting in the right amount.

  • A love triangle means signs that you gave your love in the wrong way

Constantly thinking about another man means that you gave your love to the wrong person. Infidelity begins with thoughts and emotions. Partnering with the wrong person does not always mean that person is a disaster, many times you are yourself.

Many women are with a man only out of spite. They want to show their ex that they have someone who loves them, but deep down they don’t feel good about it. Another case of a love triangle is when your partner constantly talks to you about some girl and you don’t seem to care.

  • You have already realized that you don’t love that man but you feel sorry about ending the relationship

This is one of the most common signs that you gave your love and time to the wrong person. Getting excited about someone and becoming a couple is not bad, it is part of our learning to manage our emotions and feelings. But you have to be clear, honest and consistent. Learn to say in a good way that you don’t love them anymore, don’t do what you don’t want them to do to you.

  • You feel that there are too many gaps with your partner, you feel that you get too exhausted and isolated

For some time now you have felt that he no longer has the same spark as before and now it is you who take the initiative. Going out, talking, having physical contact, a kiss, greetings and other details are always your initiative. He shows himself to be off and all this exhausts you. On the other hand you give up many things to make the relationship work. No doubt these are signs that you gave your love to the wrong person.

  • Your relationship isn’t the best you’ve ever had and at some point he told you he didn’t love you

Why do you fall in love with the wrong person? A better question would be, why… To realize that we idealize people a lot and we need to learn to better manage our expectations and emotions. In other words, if we learn the lesson, each new relationship should make us feel better. If you are not improving yourself, obviously, you must repeat the lesson.

In short, making mistakes and failing in love is part of life. But clinging to the wrong person means not wanting to learn the lesson. Achieving a healthy relationship is only possible when we outgrow ourselves, not when we get the best person.

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