Couples who do 4 important activities together are happier, healthier and don’t divorce

Shared activities and hobbies are key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. If you and your partner have many interests in common, your relationship will be significantly better than if you don’t understand each other’s interests. However, therapist has found four activities that are really essential for a good relationship.

Time without mobiles
therapist has noticed that many partners are starting to solve their partner problems by escaping into the digital world, rather than putting down their mobiles and talking. A regular joint detox from mobiles and social networking will greatly improve the climate of the relationship. Because you need to talk, touch, experience things face to face. Well, this literally nourishes the relationship and also helps prevent many misunderstandings.

They play together
It’s a very interesting observation, but if you play a game with your partner, it brings you closer together. It can be any kind of social game. It is proven that in a relationship, playing together creates new connections in the brain, but they are also tied to shared moments. This means that the game creates feelings in your brain that you are having a great time with your partner. And this is on a subconscious level because you are playing together.

A date together
Yes, dating should be done even when you’ve been married for a long time, even if you have kids or are already of an older age. At least once a month, but ideally twice, it’s great to make a date. At home or out, go to the theatre, go for a walk. Just spend moments the way you did when you were in love. That way your brain will naturally keep the essence of falling in love at the right frequency.

regular conversations as relationship fertilizer. When have you and your partner talked for at least half an hour, exchanged views on life, debated? It’s very important. Because that’s how you can exchange your attitudes, your thoughts, and your perceptions of each other. You discuss the change of thinking and opinions and thus together you also grind out some misunderstandings without much quarreling. The result is then a much more harmonious and happier partnership.