In loving relationships, partners share the good times and the difficult ones. Both are there moment by moment, supporting each other, helping each other, picking each other up when they are down, and choosing to move forward on life’s journey by holding hands.

In loving relationships, love is action… not words. Real action. There’s no point in saying “I love you” if you don’t show it every day if you’re not there for the person you love, if you don’t fight every day to show them how important they are to you.

There are healthy boundaries in loving relationships. A beautiful relationship always has certain boundaries – like a mutual agreement between partners to respect each other’s privacy and private space.

In loving relationships, partners talk about how they feel. They open up and say openly and fearlessly what is bothering them openly and fearlessly because they know they can be themselves and that, whatever the situation, they can compromise to solve their problems.

In loving relationships, partners know what it means to love. They support each other, spend quality time together, forgive each other when they make mistakes… are a couple, a team—they against the whole world.

In loving relationships, love means shared goals, plans, and desires. Harmony is tricky to build in a relationship, and achieving common goals can help quite a bit. The important thing is for partners to remain realistic in what they want and to be on the same wavelength, and, of course, not to forget to celebrate every beautiful moment together.

In loving relationships, partners share responsibilities. When responsibilities are shared, there is no imbalance, and partners don’t feel they have too heavy a burden. Even if it’s hard to agree on many things initially, it’s essential to keep going until the tasks are shared equally.

In loving relationships, partners do not try to change and accept their imperfections. Psychologists’ advice: instead of trying to change our partners, motivating them to grow, supporting them moment by moment, and giving them moral support is a much better strategy to become the best version of themselves.

In loving relationships, partners are vulnerable. When there is true love, the two lovers drop all masks, open up and show their true faces. They are not afraid to be sensitive and vulnerable because they see support, respect, and a lot of love from the person they care about, moment by moment.