Practicing receptivity every day of your life as a couple can work wonders for you.

After the initial attraction begins to fade, physical contact attraction as a couple begins to be closely linked to the way partners interact outside the bedroom. Studies have shown that couples’ level of receptivity – how attentive they are to each other and how special they make each other feel – has a direct link to how physical contact attracted they are to each other.

There’s a concept known to psychologists as the “physical contact-adoring paradox”. The closer and more comfortable two partners feel with each other, the less attracted they are to each other. But studies show that physical contact doesn’t have to lead to boredom and inhibit desire, at least as long as it’s the right physical contact.

That’s where receptivity comes in. When a woman perceives her partner as receptive, she feels special and perceives him as valuable – which amplifies physical contact desire. In general, people who perceive their partner as responsible believe that he or she understands and appreciates their needs and supports them in their endeavours. This is important because it shows that you not only care about your partner’s well-being, but that you truly understand their needs. Which is a step up from simply being kind. When your partner is responsive, the relationship feels truly special and unique.

In a couple, partners can show their receptivity as simply as being attentive to each other. By having an open and honest conversation, where each listens carefully to the other, without interrupting, judging or expressing disapproval. In this way, your partner feels that you care as much about them as you do about yourself, that you are interested in their needs, desires and aspirations.

Practising responsiveness every day of your life as a couple can work wonders for you. Among other things, it can help you learn new things about yourselves, show that you care about each other, support each other in a way you never have before, and share new experiences, making every day a joyful occasion.