10 things to consider about your new boyfriend for your emotional health

  • Your new love at first may not be as loving because of lack of trust

In the beginning with your new kid everything is going to be discovery, getting to know each other and adjusting your time, work and hobbies to his. He won’t even know how to kiss or pamper you. In the beginning he will get to know you.

If you barely know each other as lovers it is normal that he doesn’t know what and how much he can trust you. Maybe he wants to joke or tell you that he won’t hurt you and just waits for the right moment and emotion.

  • Your new boyfriend may not be able to give you the explanations you need

Maybe you want to know what your previous crush was like or why you broke up and aren’t ready to talk about those things. It’s possible that for many of your concerns I’m not ready.

For example, you would like to know why she loves me, what she really loves me for, promise not to hurt me, etc. There are many things about a couple that require time, security and trust to express.

  • Your new love doesn’t need a controlling or jealous girl

The most important thing in a relationship is respect. Therefore, one of the things to take into account with your new boyfriend is not to make the same mistakes as in your previous relationships.

Not by controlling or jealousy you show him that you love him more. Besides, your happiness does not depend on what he does. Your new boyfriend does not have to satisfy your rules to show you that he loves you.

  • Your new guy may not have as much time as you want

If he works or studies, those things may be one of his top priorities. I’m not saying that he doesn’t consider you or that you are the most important person to him, just that it may cost him at first.

If he is a responsible man he will not put off his priorities, but he will find time to be with you. But he may not have as much time as you do. At least he will call you and chat.

  • Your new commitment may not be ready to be friends with your friends

There are things like friendship with your friends that your new boyfriend may have trouble assimilating. I don’t mean to be antisocial, just that not all men are so open to new friendships.

It could be that your new love is sharp or dry with your friends. Give him time, don’t force him to open up so soon. As soon as you notice any resistance, take him away from them.

  • You may feel that he is the man you want to see in your future, but it is too soon

Wonderful to meet the love of your life, but what does your new boyfriend think about it? This is a very sensitive subject for a man. For them, making a lifetime commitment is not such a quick process.

It can be wonderful for a woman to have a man promise to love her for life. But not all men are ready to process those decisions as soon as a new relationship begins.

  • Someone may tell you that your new love is a womanizer and…

It can’t be, not again, you want to get out of this life of suffering loves and you fall again with a womanizer. You can’t keep quiet and you ask him, is it true, do you like to collect women?

I can’t cover it up, people know it, I’ve had many adventures. More than one girl has suffered. I’ve suffered too, I don’t regret anything. But this is a new story and I want it to be different.

  • The most important thing is your emotional health, not your dress or your tastes.

It’s all very well to pay attention to their tastes, ways of dressing and their friends, but it’s their life, refrain from giving negative opinions. You may not like some details of his life after getting to know him better.

But just as you have your own life, his life is one of those things to take into account and respect from your new boyfriend. He may like music, movies or food that you don’t like, but just be nice.

  • See what your new love partner likes to talk about

There are men who like to talk about everything, but others not so much. Some men prefer to talk about themselves, what they do or their work. Sometimes a new boyfriend is not very empathetic.

Talking, communicating… is one of the best things to consider with your new boyfriend. See if he likes to have all kinds of conversations but focus on respecting what he likes best.

  • Not because it’s a new relationship, pay more attention when he talks to you than to your cell phone

When you are with the love of your life, respect the moment. If you pay more attention to your cell phone or he does, believe me, there is no future for that relationship. For love is built on moments.

The cell phone is very addictive, but it is responsible for the breakdown of many relationships. If you only want something temporary to go away with the addictions, but if you want something lasting, respect yourself.

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