6 principles to help you get the results you want

In our daily lives and thinking, there are what we would call laws or principles that operate in our relationship with the outside world. When used properly, these principles lead to success. In this article, we offer you a summary of some of these principles.

Principle of control

Human beings feel better when they are in control or in general when they feel that things are under control. This is what leads some people to take refuge in religion and to be confident because they know that they have given control of everything to God. Also, this control manifests itself in the way we tame our emotions, stay calm and get results.

The Accident Principle

It is this law that leads to the quote, “we don’t plan to fail but we fail to plan. The same is true for life: without planning, there is little chance of getting where we want to be.

Law of cause and effect

Every action we take has undoubtedly consequences. Therefore, if we want to have good results, we must do the right things. Similarly, we must have a positive way of thinking based on hope and faith and then by our actions, build the result we hope for.

Law of beliefs

The law of beliefs is related to the law of cause and effect. Indeed, our beliefs are converted into reality, whether they are positive or negative. We can only have what we conceive. So we have to dream big and tell ourselves it’s possible to see those positive things become reality.

Law of expectations

Yet another law related to the two previous ones. Indeed, with the law of expectations, what we expect, happens… In the same way, what we fear will eventually happen to us. This is proven by the cases of people who knew parents they did not want to resemble.

Law of correspondences

Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. So in this case, you will see that you always attract people in your life who are in line with your emotional state.