5 Reasons Why Dust Makes You Fat

You don’t like to clean and you sometimes let dust accumulate in your home? That’s not really strategic, because not only does cleaning often help you live longer, but dust will also make you gain weight!

Find out right now 5 reasons why dust may be responsible for your extra pounds:

Dust Promotes Fat Storage

According to a report published in the American journal Environmental Science and Technology, volatile residues of chemicals are found in dust, and could promote the accumulation of fat when they come into contact with our bodies.

Contact with dust would therefore promote the storage of fats.

Dust Slows Down Our Metabolism

In addition to promoting the storage of fat and affecting our figure, dust would disrupt the proper functioning of our metabolism and could make us burn significantly fewer calories.

The Accumulation Of Dust Can Make You Sick

And we’re not just talking about respiratory illnesses, colds and flu: in addition to tiring out the immune system, living in a dusty place where cleaning is rarely done could lead to obesity and diabetes.

Dust Can Discourage Us From Exercising

It is proven that our stress level increases considerably in a messy room and can even prevent us from exercising.

But sport is essential to stay healthy and keep your figure, while without sport, the pounds can accumulate more quickly.

We Eat Less When There Is Less Dust And Dirty Dishes

Getting into the habit of cleaning more often and doing the dishes right away, for example, automatically makes you feel less like eating.

Dust contributes to eating more than in a clean and tidy house.