How to reject a guy without hurting him, he doesn’t do chemistry with you.

  • First of all you must know that he likes you

To reject a suitor you must be sure that he likes you. If you are not completely sure you do not need to do anything. Rumors are no good, your assumptions that he likes you are no good. Follow these signs to know that he really likes you.

  1. He asks you out all the time
  2. Tries to make bodily contact with you on several occasions.
  3. Insists that you go out alone
  • With a man who wants you and you don’t like him, don’t procrastinate.

If you wait you may be feeding his hopes without realizing it. Therefore, the longer you wait, the worse it will be. Your feelings will grow and it will be impossible for you to maintain any kind of friendship once you tell him the truth. Therefore, to reject a guy without hurting him, do it right away.

  • To reject a guy without hurting him, don’t avoid him forever.

You can avoid him all you want, but the opposite of what you want can happen. Hints don’t work well with a man in love, he may understand them differently. That’s why it’s better that you speak clearly with him.

Set aside some time to talk privately just the two of you. Be very delicate but direct and very clear. If you do it in public, he may feel very embarrassed and hurt.

  • To reject a man in love, make a plan.

Think about it, this is a human being, put yourself in his shoes. Therefore, write down what you are going to say before you say it. You can’t hesitate, you have to be confident. If you hesitate, you could prolong the conversation too much, which can be very uncomfortable.

In your plan you must be clear about the reasons why you don’t like this man. Don’t talk about what you don’t like about him, because he may change. Instead, be honest about why you are not interested in him.

  1. You can tell him that you still can’t get over your ex-boyfriend.
  2. You can also tell him that you are not physically attracted to him.
  3. Another reason to reject a guy without hurting him may be that you like someone else.
  • Another option to reject a guy without hurting him is to talk on the phone.

Chances are that the guy in love that you don’t like will talk to you by phone or text message. Even in this case, your conversation should be clear, specifying that you are not interested in a romantic relationship with him.

Make sure he knows that there is no future likelihood of a relationship.

  • When it comes to rejecting a guy, recognize the seriousness of the case.

From the beginning, as soon as you find out that he is looking for you because he likes you, you must be clear about your feelings. You must let him know that you want to have a serious conversation with him. This way, he will take what you say seriously.

If you procrastinate or are not clear enough, he may not understand the level of importance of the conversation. To reject a guy without hurting him, give him the importance he deserves.

  • To reject a guy without hurting him, you must be nice.

A woman, whenever it comes to rejecting a suitor must be very kind. Talk to him in a very friendly way, you are rejecting his pretensions, not his person. Flatter him once or twice when you converse with him, but express to him that it is not enough.

  1. You are an excellent friend, but we can’t be together.
  2. I’m sure you will make someone very happy, but that person is not going to be me.
  • Give him a clear message to stop bothering you.

When a man falls in love he can be very persistent. That’s why, even when you tell him that you don’t like him, he may not fully understand. Then it will be better to leave him a very clear message so that he loses hope and doesn’t bother you anymore.

  1. There is really no chance for us to have a romantic relationship.
  2. We can still be friends if you just want to be friends with me.
  3. I can’t possibly look at you any other way, there is no chemistry between us.

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