Am I Really In Love? These Are The Typical Signs

Everyone talks about butterflies in the stomach and permanent grins. But am I already in love with these symptoms? Or just excited? We present the typical signs of being in love.

The symptoms of being in love are similar to a disease: the serotonin level in the brain drops by a good 40 percent, which means that perception is disturbed, the level of excitement increases, and people in love can hardly eat or sleep. They are completely focused on the object of desire, thinking of almost nothing else. By the way, in obsessive-compulsive disorders (such as a cleaning or washing compulsion), serotonin levels drop similarly. Moreover, the same brain regions are active as in addicts. We are just addicted to our loved one.

Nevertheless, we are happy! And that is because we are in love! Because the reward center in the brain is working at full speed. The body produces the happiness hormone dopamine, which is why lovers are on cloud nine. The heart beats faster at the sight of the chosen one, because the body emits adrenaline and cortisol – which is probably why we are also somewhat distracted when we are in love.

If you want to know now exactly whether he or she is in love, we have compiled the typical signs! Of course, not every symptom applies to everyone – but certain parallels can certainly be found:

permanent grin
If you’re in love, you can really get on the nerves of people you’re not in love with. For example, by grinning all the time. But all the happiness hormones just make you happy – and it’s actually nice, so why not just be happy for the person in love?

no appetite: am I in love?
You would think that being in love is the best diet ever. After all, people in love can barely get a bite down. At the same time, they’re so jittery that the little bit they do get down is burned right back up.

tingling in the belly
The famous butterflies in the stomach – that’s what it feels like. People in love get all excited when they see their loved one or even just think about them. And since they think about him almost all the time, the tingling in the stomach hardly stops.

heart palpitations at sight or call
As described above, the brain releases adrenaline and cortisol at the sight of the loved one. The heart beats faster all of a sudden. And often even the sight of his name on the cell phone display is enough when he calls or writes.

Am I in love when I can’t sleep?
Actually not surprising. How can you sleep if your thoughts are circling and circling around this one important person? Then we just spend the night instead of normal dreaming with our daydreams – hach and that can also be so beautiful!

constant staring at the cell phone
“Uh! A message! Is it from him?!?” And then this disappointment, when the message is only from a friend… And now? Maybe the phone vibrated? And now? Yes, a typical sign of being in love is the constant staring at the cell phone and writing messages.

no concentration
Thinking about tomorrow’s meeting now? Preparing the presentation? Almost impossible for people in love. As if you could even think a clear thought when there is this great person walking on the same planet … No, lovers prefer to spend their day daydreaming and staring holes in the air. And don’t forget the permanent grin!

signs of being in love: compulsive mentioning.
This is probably the most annoying sign of being in love for the non-infatuated outside world: the compulsion to mention. That’s because people with a crush can only talk about their loved one. No matter what you just talked about with a crush, somehow they always get the hang of their loved one. “I’m going to do something in the garden this weekend.” – “Michael always loves to be outside, too.” Or “Did you see that great movie yesterday too?” – “Yes, don’t you think the main actor looked like Michael?”

he’s everywhere
This brings us to the next sign: The beloved seems to be everywhere. Hoping to run into the beloved by chance, you also seem to see him everywhere. People who are actually a completely different type have a resemblance to him. He drives a car like that; is he perhaps sitting at the wheel? He seems to be everywhere.

energy surplus
Where does all that energy come from? From being in love! Many people in love are suddenly totally motivated and do sports like they’re possessed. You have to go somewhere with all that energy. The day flies by and problems – oh, what problems?