10 things a girl should never share with her partner, for love

  • You love your partner, but you still have your friends and with them some secrets

When a person has real friends, having a partner does not mean abandoning them or changing them. They are going to keep calling you to talk about those things they love and share.

They are your best friends and have built up a great deal of trust. That’s why you never have to share your friends’ secrets with your partner. About all those things that would mean abusing their trust.

Of course, you can tell your partner many things about your friends. But there are many delicate things that should not go through the delicate trust of friends.

  • Don’t tell your partner about the compliments other kids say to you

Partner love means focusing on the relationship. But that doesn’t mean that someone will see you as attractive and pay you a compliment. Your own friends can compliment you on something you do.

Your partner can be jealous in many ways. But the important thing is to let him/her know with your attitude that despite how attractive you are, you chose him/her.

  • When you love your partner you don’t share details of your ex-partners

It is best never to share details about your past relationships with your partner. As much as you mean well, the detail is… What does your partner do in your mind if you say you love your current one?

What can your partner secretly think if you tell him/her about your ex? That you are comparing him/her, that you have some dissatisfaction, etc. Besides, you will fight with your partner sometime and those details can hurt you.

  • Your friends or someone might joke or rumor something about your partner

Whether you want to or not, you may hear some joke or bad taste rumor about your partner. Telling her that you think you are acting with the best of intentions can lead to bigger problems.

No one is free from misinterpretation of what we do and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. The love of a couple feeds on what you both believe and do, not on what someone else thinks.

  • If you are going to tell her something about her but or appearance tell her something positive

A person’s weight and appearance in a world so saturated with external beauty is very sensitive. So, if you really love your partner, accept him as he is, don’t try to change him.

If you have or hear a negative opinion about your partner’s weight or appearance forget it. It is never good to share with your partner things that threaten your pride and self-esteem.

  • Generalizing negative things about your partner is harmful

If you have a tendency to focus on the negative in your partner, it is you who has to change. Well, no one can escape making a mistake. On the other hand, we can get rid of criticism that does not contribute.

No one makes mistakes all the time, but generalizing is something you should never do with your partner. It’s always the same, you always make mistakes, I don’t know why you don’t learn, etc. It is not love of a partner.

  • You don’t want to remember the fights of the past with your partner

When you love your partner you love her in good times and bad. Disagreement with your partner does not mean that you have stopped loving him, it is just a disagreement.

When there is no clarity about love a disagreement can awaken old grudges that damage the relationship. Therefore, it is never good to share your past grudges with your partner.

  • Never compare your partner to previous relationships

It doesn’t make sense to accept a new love just because you need someone by your side or to make you happy. Before accepting a new partner, learn from your failures, heal your wounds and learn to be happy.

Only if you have not healed and do not understand that your happiness is your work and not your partner’s, will you seek comparisons. Making comparisons is the worst thing you can share with your partner.

  • If you are fascinated by the attractiveness of your new friend, don’t tell your partner

The more wonderful and positive things you share with your partner, the better. But sometimes you may find a boy wonderful because of his character, physique or talents.

We don’t stop thinking and sometimes we have a dangerous thought for the stability of a love relationship. Although there is nothing wrong with thinking and admiring a friend, you may be spreading dangerous jealousy.

  • If at any time you are not satisfied don’t say “That’s it?

Sometimes you go out to have fun and not everything turns out the way you want. But it is not always your partner’s fault. That’s why it’s never good to share an opinion that makes your partner feel bad.

There will be times when he wants to prepare a meal for you or organize an intimate evening and not everything turns out wonderfully. On those occasions saying, that’s it? can hurt your partner deep down.

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