9 positive statements about self-love


Positive affirmations are simple phrases that we can all use to improve our self-esteem, help us achieve our goals and objectives, and most importantly, regain self-esteem. These positive thoughts, quotes or mantras, work with our subconscious mind to help us change ourselves from within. They are a way to use your mind to gain more confidence and self-love. But beware, reciting a positive affirmation is not enough to regain your self-confidence and change your feelings. To develop your self-esteem, in the noble sense of the word, it is essential to believe with all your heart in what you say. Visualizing what you want to be and become, through meditation and creative visualization techniques in particular, helps to achieve a more powerful result. Positive affirmations, if used well, are a simple and beneficial tool to help you feel good about yourself. They will allow you to develop your self-love, to situate yourself in relation to others and in your life. Thanks to this, you will develop confidence and self-love. Here are 9 positive statements about self-love. Do not hesitate to make them your own.

Positive affirmations: everything lies in the intention

 Affirm them with strong intention and always visualize confidence when you do so. Always affirm them in the present tense and with confidence. Intention is the key; it is not about reciting sentences written by others by heart. You have to make them your own, why not by changing certain words.

The goal is to succeed in projecting yourself through them so that you can find meaning and a true purpose in them.

To integrate them well, you must repeat them to yourself at the times of the day when your subconscious is the easiest to reach, that is to say in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to sleep.

Positive affirmations: a technique of the Law of Attraction principle

The Law of Attraction is one of the best known universal laws. The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we create our own reality. We attract what we want but we also attract things we don’t want.

Why do we attract things we don’t want? Because we are often spectators of our life, we undergo it. We let ourselves be overwhelmed by negative things.

In personal development, the idea of the Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive thoughts, it is possible to bring positive experiences into one’s life. Thus, by rejecting the negative in our lives, and emphasizing the positive, we become actors in our lives again by creating our own reality.

Positive affirmations are one of the techniques used in this sense. How is this done? By focusing on what we want in our life, on who we want to be, and not on what we are going through, in order to make a change in our life. Hence the importance of the intention given to these affirmations, and of personalizing them for each person.

3 positive affirmations to free oneself from the weight of one’s past

Our experience almost always involves injuries, disappointments and mistakes. This is what makes us the person we are, but we must know how to free ourselves from the weight of our past.

Turning the page of the past in order to live our present freely, without psychological and emotional hindrance, is essential. It is one of the keys to personal growth and self-love.

I must make peace with my past so that it does not pollute my present.

Stopping thinking all the time is beneficial, there is no harm in not having all the answers.

Time heals almost everything. Taking time, from time to time, is not a sign of weakness.

3 positive affirmations to be aware of one’s value in relation to others

It’s human, it’s even often a reflex that we are not aware of, that of comparing ourselves to others. But it is a bad habit, because it develops above all a strong feeling of inferiority. There will always be people around us who seem to be “better than us”. But this is an unfounded value judgment.

Why is it so? Because being better than someone else doesn’t mean anything. We’re just different from each other. There is no value scale to define the essential quality to have, the best way of life, and so on.

To develop this feeling of permanent comparison is to open the door to hasty judgments, superficiality and sometimes even toxic relationships. Only by being aware of one’s value can one detach oneself from the gaze of others and no longer live through them, for them. It is necessary to live for oneself, it is the key to personal fulfillment.

What other people think of me is none of my business. It should not affect my self-awareness.

Do not compare my life with that of others by wanting to be like them. Mimicry and comparison will only make the person I really am disappear.

Seeking to impress others will get me nowhere but to develop my ego in the wrong way, or to lose even more self-confidence. Being proud of myself yes, seeking absolute recognition no.

3 positive affirmations to love yourself

The important thing is to appreciate ourselves at our true value, to love ourselves as we are. It sounds simple when you put it that way, and yet… It can take years, sometimes a lifetime, to be at peace with oneself. To love oneself without trying to compare oneself to others, without the absolute quest for this famous perfection that doesn’t exist, it’s difficult. It is a long-term work on oneself, sometimes a real introspection. Self-confidence is something that can be worked on.

But once we become aware of it, we open the door to the field of possibilities. Personal growth, love of self and others. So love yourself in order to be able to love others. You will send positive signs to interact with those around you. To love and be loved.

No one should be the reason for my happiness except myself. I must live for myself first.

I am happy to be me and no one else, and I am not trying to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfection.

I am me, original, unique and I love the person I am. Loving myself allows me to define my true identity and to be in harmony with myself and with others.

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