15 Details That Will Make You More Attractive

How to be sexier? Although the secrets of being attractive have many personal qualities, you can be more attractive by implementing the recommendations of experts.

Always Maintain Eye Contact

And looking into the eyes of everyone you interact with, not just your partner, not only boosts your own confidence, but also makes people see you as confident and in control, which often creates a more attractive impression.

Discover Dynamic Appeal

Of course, physical beauty is an important component of innate s**ual attractiveness, but dynamic attractiveness involves the expression of our emotions and core personality and can critically enhance your personal charisma. According to Psychology Today, expressing positive emotions – smiling, having an optimistic demeanor, having expressive eyes, are all related to s**ual attractiveness.

Trust Your Mind, Use It

A sharp, healthy mind can be like a healthy body when it comes to being sexy. This means challenging yourself by having difficult conversations from time to time, showing interest in new things, reading books on new subjects or even watching a documentary about something you know nothing about.

The more you know, the better you can show intelligence and knowledge, which is a decisive factor in true s**ual attraction.

Humor Is An Important Part Of Attractiveness

Yes, we know that sharp wit is not something that can be learned, and we can’t all be really funny all the time, but not taking yourself or the world around you too seriously is an important component of being.

Trust Your Hair

Almost all of us can be sure that if our hair looks bad, we usually feel bad about it. Apparently, it’s not on our minds either: Studies have shown that women spend around 20 years of their lives suffering from a bad hair day and that it can greatly affect mood and self-confidence.

Show Off Your Wrists

No, leave your wrists uncovered not because they are attractive, but because the glands in your wrists release pheromones that can trigger men’s feelings of attraction.

Yoga Increases Attraction

A study in the Journal of Se**ual Medicine found that women who regularly practice yoga feel sexier. Why? Researchers say it may be because yoga promotes a stronger mind-body connection.

Use Your Touch

A deadly way to get someone’s attention in a sexy way?

When you say hello or goodbye, if you agree with something they say, or if they say something funny, touch them very lightly on the arm or back.

Shorter Does Not Mean Sexier

It’s not sexy to expose everything. Exaggerating your cleavage is not always sexy.

Decide where to show your cleavage according to your body shape and never overdo it.

Slow Down

According to coach Sean Jameson, slowing down your movements and speech by about 10 percent can make you sexier now. For example, instead of rushing down the hallway, slow down and emphasize your movements. Another example: When you say something, don’t wave your arms quickly and erratically or feel like you have to get every word out of your mouth as quickly as possible.

Wear Heels

One of the fastest ways to feel sexier? Climbing on a pair of high heels.

Not only will wearing heels give you a boost of support, but the right heels can make your clothes fit better and have a leg-lengthening effect, especially if they are the color of your skin.

Reduce Comfortable Clothes

Obviously, comfortable clothes are great and there is nothing better than cooling off in sweat after a long day. However, if you find that your sex life is lackluster or non-existent, change into something that makes you feel sexy every now and then. If you feel it, so will your partner.

Trust Your Natural Scent

It’s no surprise that scent plays a big role in s**ual attraction, but – despite what the perfume companies would have you believe – your best bet is not to pile on a cloud of scented spray. In addition to good hygiene habits, a subtle musky scent is fine, but you should let your natural pheromones shine through.

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