How To Find True Love? 5 Tips To Attract It Into Your Life, According To Experts

Keep in mind that no one is perfect, no matter how many qualities and kindnesses they may have

True love is that which is given without expecting anything in return, that which is also reciprocated. If only there was a magic formula to find it and not lose it; however, relationships are complicated because human beings are complex. Psychologists, doctors and other specialists in emotional and mental health have been investigating the phenomenon of love for centuries, reaching revealing conclusions.

Movies, books and society in recent years have dictated that true, lasting and unbreakable love can be found. That is why we tend to set ideals that can hardly be fulfilled, because no one is perfect, no matter how many qualities and goodness he or she may have. This eventually leads to a feeling of failure and frustration.

It must be taken into account that romantic love does not exist, that perfect relationship does not happen overnight, it has to be built with perfectly imperfect members. Here are some keys to increase the chances of finding someone really like you, according to experts from Mente Maravillosa, a leading magazine in providing content and information resources related to psychology and emotional well-being.

  1. Be your best version

to find true love, we must first love ourselves. Be the best version to attract a person with the same characteristics. According to the website, it is not about being the best person in the universe, but to control your flaws and enhance your virtues. If you want someone kind, generous and loving in your life, you must first be yourself.

  1. Weigh your preferences based on your goals and life project:

sometimes, the type of person we like is not entirely compatible with the expectations we may have about a relationship. For example, if you want to start a family, a relationship with someone who is not interested in having children will not work. While the plans don’t have to match 100 percent, at least some of them do to be in line with you.

  1. Keep an open mind:

Break free of stereotypes and consider looking beyond just one pattern of person. If we insist on looking for certain profiles, they will eventually lead to certain results. There are many people in the world and they all have qualities that you may love. Increasing the variety of your social experience will help you develop your own preferences and choices, the website says.

  1. Confidence:

when you have gone through traumatic experiences or multiple partners that end up disappointing you, it is normal to think that love will never knock on the door. However, the world is big and you will continue to meet new people; it’s not about finding someone, but knowing how to keep that person by your side if he or she is really worth it.

  1. Look for and take care of your happiness:

when a person feels good, despite the respective circumstances they may be going through, that emotion is transmitted. Try to have different areas in life that give you happiness, so if any of them falters, including love, the others will be there to support you. There is no doubt that we all go through bad times; however, those people who strive to improve their lives and look for a smile despite adversity, are more likely to find someone who is equal and worthwhile.

It is worth mentioning that the contents of the portal consulted are written for informational and educational purposes only. They do not replace the diagnosis, or the treatment of a professional, it will always be better to seek a professional of emotions.