Signs of a man’s true love from a distance

Without a doubt, it is difficult to assess the sincerity of a man’s intentions when there is no physical contact. We know that representatives of the stronger physical contact are generally afraid to build a serious relationship. They may fall hard in love, but the fear of commitment prevent them from expressing themselves and their true feelings.

And as strange as it may sound, men are afraid of reciprocity. So say psychologists. However, there are other, special moments when your beloved decides to bare his soul and take a risk with you. For example, because he considers you the only one in the world to whom he can tell everything.

Without fear that you will scold him, that you will judge him, in the full confidence that he is in good hands. That he has found his mate – the one who completes him and to whom he can be himself. To take off the mask and show himself without it, as he is – timid, shy, insecure, in love…

How can you tell if a man is in love and gauge his intentions if you are not physically together?

He often changes moods and generally seems sad
A man in love from a distance often writes, calls, testifies his passion with messages, talks about his feelings, is interested in your affairs, worries about your health. His messages show a sincere concern and desire to be close to you, to protect and guard you like his eyes. If he has called you at first amused to hear from you, and then a few hours later he seeks you out again but is now sad, know that the distance between you is what saddens him most. Sometimes the distances between people seem insurmountable.

And a person who thinks about you constantly is normal to feel sad when you’re not around. When he’s at the store and shopping, he’s probably imagining how, if you could be together, he’d call you and ask what you want him to bring you – what you want to eat, what you need… So when he calls you and is sad, try to support him, remind him that the physical separation is temporary, that you can be together soon.

He is supporting you, even from a distance
A sure sign of a man’s true love, even from a distance, is that he surrounds you with care and attention. And it doesn’t matter that you live on the other side of the country or the world. The feeling of his presence, support and attention never leaves you. Your problems are his problems too. This is the person you can call in the middle of the night and ask for help. At the very least, you are guaranteed moral support and an physical conversation.

Are you sick? Or is your birthday coming up? He will find an opportunity to respond and a courier will meet you at the door with a gorgeous bouquet or cold medicine. For a man in love there is no such barrier as distance. Especially in our age, with the availability of internet, mobile devices, credit cards and online delivery services. A man in love is able to do wonders for his beloved.

He trusts you and he trusts you implicitly
Long distance love is often filled with outbursts of jealousy on both sides. Scrolling through social networks, a man begins to delude himself, to invent non-existent rivals, the situation can even come to scandals. But, if both of you are strongly in love with each other, this is not the case. The man trusts you, understands that you also need time for rest, for fun. He is saddened by the inability to be around, but this is not a reason to panic and turn into a scandal.

He never forgets important events
This is very valuable. A woman is pleased when she does not need to remind her husband about the upcoming holidays – anniversary of acquaintance, birthday, etc. He will do anything to make you smile, your surprise is guaranteed! If there is a desire, everything is possible.

He can’t wait to meet you
Any man would prefer real hugs and virtual ones. That’s why he grabs from life every opportunity and chance to meet you: fly on the weekend to you, organize a joint vacation, he knows he misses you because he misses you too. A lot. Despite the distance, you sense that he is bored and uncomfortable without you.

He shares with you
You do not organize interrogations with passion, therefore a man in love from a distance longs for communication with you, for your participation in his life, he sees you nearby and wants to share his emotions, impressions, plans for life. He does not want to make the mistakes of the past, but sincerely wishes to be honest with you and with himself.

If you find even half of these signs, you are very lucky – this is Love! And distance is only a temporary obstacle in your way. Happiness is not far away.

True love from a distance is possible
Don’t be afraid of separations and obstacles along the way – it is these moments that will show the seriousness of intentions and the sincerity of feelings. And don’t swear at each other.

True love is proven by actions…