How Can I Look Younger? 7 Tips For Rejuvenation

Healing treatments, time machines, facelifts without the need for a scalpel: today, there are techniques to help us stay fresher at any age, without the need for surgery. Here are 7 ways to help our skin feel better and look even younger tomorrow.


When your skin runs out of steam, gets tired or crumples, a beauty salon treatment can help. Sothys has come up with a new 1h15 protocol designed to reduce the visible signs of aging. This five-step high-tech treatment uses expert maneuvers to enhance radiance and soothe tension. This intensive, entirely manual treatment, combined with the effectiveness of our treatments, guarantees long-lasting effects. A boost of energy for plumped-up skin.


To take your skincare routine a step further, a night mask ensures immediate results. With Revitalift Hyaluromask, L’Oréal Paris has created a treatment that continuously diffuses concentrated hyaluronic acid into the epidermis for 8 hours. It’s enough to instantly smooth the skin and give it bounce. We also like: Polaar’s Nuit Polaire revitalizing cream. The new Rituel de Massage Re-Nutritiv Ultimate Diamond mask from Estée Lauder.


It’s possible to regain baby-smooth, silky, luminous skin. And how? With a peel, the #1 method for improving skin texture, erasing dullness, smoothing fine lines and reviving radiance. Sanoflore has created Aqua Merveilleuse, the first organic botanical peel. A gentle two-phase lotion that exfoliates daily, leaving skin looking new in 18 days. We also like: SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Radiance Gel Peel (1h – 90$). Filorga Oxygen-peel lotion, a gentle, reoxygenating micro-peel.


Instrumental cosmetics are arriving in our bathrooms to multiply the power of our skincare products tenfold. In 2017, Carita is offering women the benefit of a professional device previously reserved for cabins: My C.L.E. A tool that can act on firmness, even skin tone, radiance or even skin texture. A toy that combines micro-currents to stimulate skin muscle fibers, with LEDs to stimulate cellular activity and optimize the benefits of treatments. We also like: Philips VisaPure Advanced, a 3-in-1 facial care device that revitalizes, refreshes and illuminates the skin.


Fancy a rejuvenating treatment? Well, the thalassos are getting in on the act! They offer spa guests comprehensive protocols to prevent, delay and correct the effects of time. Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo is implementing an anti-aging strategy for women aged 35 and over. With 10 spa treatments and 14 thalassotherapy treatments, the Mer & Anti-âge cure is a shot of freshness that restores skin to Olympic form. We also like the Activ’beauté organic cure at Carnac.


We’re all familiar with the virtues of yoga on the figure and the mind, but not always with its benefits on the signs of aging. In collaboration with manual facelift expert Aline Faucheur, Decleor has developed an in-booth yoga lift protocol. A simple gesture that redefines facial contours, smoothes the skin and restores a lovely plumpness. The process can then be repeated at home to prolong the benefits of the treatment. We also like: The Payot® beauty gym, a three-step gesture you can discover here that amplifies the benefits of our treatments. As a result, fine lines fade and the face is toned.


“Our eyes are the mirror of our soul”. To reflect our inner youth, we need to take good care of them. The eye contour area is the thinnest and most stressed part of the face. Biologique Recherche has developed Fatigue-Fighting Patches to address the problems of ageing and signs of fatigue. Made from natural biocellulose fibers, they are pre-impregnated with a formula enriched with anti-puffiness, anti-dark circle and anti-wrinkle active ingredients. The skin is rejuvenated and the tightening effect is immediate. We also like: Patchology FlashPatch revitalizing eye gel patches.