Failed love: 6 valuable lessons we learn from it

Failures in love bring so much disappointment that they are capable of making us refuse to believe in love. But we shouldn’t look at them only as negative events in our lives, because every failure is a cumulative experience that teaches us something important and useful. Valuable lessons can be learned from failed love.

Unconsciously failed relationships can be recognized on the very first date. There is no need to wait years and months. Listen to your heart when you first meet. It will surely tell you that you have a person in front of you who will not make you happier.

Even the strongest relationships can fall apart in an instant

To find this out, all you have to do is look around. Most women have had a beloved man with whom they overflowed with happiness. And then, literally in a matter of days or weeks, the relationship has turned into a pile of ashes.

Psychologists note that no matter how stable and “rosy” a relationship seems to us, the more likely it is to have subtle cracks in it that eventually become huge pits. This means that every relationship requires constant work. The most important thing is to have communication and for partners to listen to each other.

We need to be more flexible
Without this character trait, it is simply impossible to deepen a relationship. If everyone pulls the rug towards themselves, then nothing good will come out of it.

The ability to compromise is the foundation of a strong marriage. Where selfishness flourishes, love inevitably collapses. This simple truth must be remembered once and for all.

If the relationship is dead, don’t try to revive it
The biggest mistake people make is that they wait for love to die completely and only then start giving it “artificial respiration”. Try to solve problems as they arise, rather than postpone them for the time when everything is already becoming meaningless.

As practice shows, when a certain limit is crossed, it is simply impossible to return everything to normal. Such a moment is the loss of trust or cruelty (assault, insults, deliberate betrayal, blackmail, manipulation).

You should not settle for a little
In love you should by no means say to each other something like “okay, but he gains a lot from me”. There should be no compromises and no excuses for cruelty and carelessness.

Love brings warmth and confidence in the future. If people have difficulties with each other, they should sit down and work the problem out. If it doesn’t work out, it’s better not to be together.

Do not pass the responsibility to others
The fact that you have separated does not mean that one is more to blame than the other. In a breakup, both partners are always at fault. Problems don’t just occur because of one person.

Even if your loved one is very fond of showing character, that doesn’t mean you can blame them for it, absolving yourself of any responsibility. As experienced couples say, love requires education. You educate yourself and your soul mate. As soon as the process of improvement stops, problems, quarrels and misunderstandings begin.

Don’t give up easily
Everyone talks about letting go of the one who doesn’t suit us, but first we have to fight for our love. We should not let fate decide the future of the relationship. It is important to strive to correct the situation, to try to change for the better.

Yes, psychologists constantly say that you cannot change someone by force. But there is a big difference between trying to change a person and helping them work on themselves. Don’t give up until you’ve tried to help your mate become a better person. Many who have given up quickly have later regretted it bitterly.

Happiness is our personal choice
Over time, people understand that they don’t need a rich man or a woman of unearthly beauty to be happy. Your husband owes you nothing. Only you can make yourself happy.

At every turn, you can meet disappointed in love where everything was supposedly fine at first, and then it turned out the person was not the same as they imagined. We change, so we have to accept that fact. That is, to love our soulmate as he is.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and your loved one. If you see a problem, then you should share them with him. Any delay can prove fatal.