The midlife crisis or how to finally be yourself

Being 40 years old brings important reflections on existence. You realize that if you don’t have the life you want, it’s time to change everything you can to fulfill your dreams. Because you know that it is possible to change and fight for what you want.

Turning your dreams into reality is your goal. What are the dreams you still have to accomplish? You are aware that it only takes willpower, an irrepressible desire to reach them and to live them.

It’s as if, at 40, it is easier to plan actions and put in place a whole strategy to make our dreams come true.

The midlife crisis: you move away from toxic people

Now you finally know how to detect people who hurt you, who absorb your energy, who make you feel uncomfortable. You know how to avoid toxic relationships that harm you.

You no longer seek to change others, you accept them and keep them by your side if you feel they bring you positive things.

You finally know who your real friends are. For 40 years, you have had many friends of all kinds, some have disappeared while others have stayed, some are recent while others have been around forever.

Now you know very well who you can count on in the most intense circumstances, whether positive or negative, to give you unconditional support and love.

Midlife Crisis: The opinions of others no longer matter to you

What others say or think doesn’t affect you because you have learned to value yourself. The comments of others do not guide your life, it is your values and your way of seeing the world that dictate your conduct.

You have learned to know who doesn’t like you and to let them go. You are now aware that those who don’t want to see you don’t like you, those who don’t miss you don’t like you, those who don’t support you when you need it don’t really like you.

You no longer want all these people in your life and you decide to let them go. These superficial and non-reciprocal relationships no longer interest you, your threshold of tolerance has been reached.

The midlife crisis: you accept your body

You have learned to accept your body’s imperfections, flaws and complexes. You are able to tell yourself that we are all beautiful, that our body is beautiful because it has a history and that everyone deserves to live fully with this body that life has given it.

Your faults have almost become attractive assets and your complexes have disappeared with time.

Those who love and appreciate you do so because you are yourself, they are not trying to change you. You are now at peace with your body.

The midlife crisis: you have a fulfilling intimate life

You enjoy carnal pleasures thanks to this new acceptance of your body.

You now know how to fully live your desire and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, because you have realized that it goes far beyond a bed, that everything is in a look, a kiss, a message, a moment that becomes an eternity.

Your desires are assumed, you are not afraid to be judged. Thus, you can fully enjoy this new intimate life more and more fulfilling, in all its nuances.

The midlife crisis: your self-confidence reaches its peak

First of all, there is little or nothing to be ashamed of anymore. All the ridiculous situations now make you laugh more than cry, because you have lost the feeling of shame.

If you have to say something, you say it. If you have to laugh at yourself, you do it willingly.

Your self-esteem increases. In fact, by the time you reach 40, you already know all your faults and your qualities, you have accepted them and you have learned to value yourself.

You have certainly learned to love yourself, when you make mistakes or when you win, when you cry or when you laugh.

You have confidence in yourself and you radiate more, you feel more and more in harmony with the world around you.

The midlife crisis: you have learned to enjoy the present moment

Almost every moment, everything that happens in the very moment you experience it, you see it, you feel it, you touch it with your fingertips. It is as if you feel things differently, you become fully aware of it.

You marvel at a child’s smile, a friend’s confidence, your partner’s hug.

You enjoy every moment because you know that what matters is happening in the here and now.

Midlife crisis: you know that every problem has a solution

If a problem has a solution, you look for it and start it. If it’s insoluble, you don’t care any more because you know you’re at an impasse.

The word “impossible” has a different meaning for you, because life has taught you that there are few things that are impossible, that you just have to be creative in dealing with life’s problems.

Midlife Crisis: You Are Yourself

You’ve learned to say what you think, to no longer keep quiet, because you know that if you keep your opinion to yourself, you’re going to feel bad.

But you’ve also learned to say what’s on your heart with respect, education and firmness. Your opinion is important and others need to know it. 

You know how to laugh at yourself, at what you say, at what you think, at your quirks, at the way you see things. But also to assume them.

You are aware that you are in one of the best stages of your life: you feel good, you enjoy your dreams that have come true, you choose the people you want to have by your side, you like yourself “better”.

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