What shape should you give your nails?

Women take a great interest in their manicure. To do this, they change the shape of their nails and apply nail varnish. What shape should you give your nails? Find out here about the different options available to you.

Adopt a square shape for your nails
The square shape is a presentation you can adopt for your nails. To do this, you need to make the ends of your nails parallel and straight. Achieving this shape is not complicated, as all you need to do is adjust the initial shape of your nails.

The square shape is compatible with all types of fingers and hands. It goes well with everyone and looks great. This nail shape requires a lot of maintenance. If you don’t, you’ll notice that the nails are out of proportion. It also accumulates dirt easily.

To make square nails, you’ll need a file. Use it to file the tips from left to right. Work your way from the root to the top of your nails. The sides should reflect the square. You can then move to the end of the nail to file with greater precision.

Give your nails a circular shape
You can make your nails circular. This is the ideal shape for people with short nails. You can also opt for this model if you have nails that don’t grow well.

The round nail shape means that the edges of your nails should be free and in the shape of an arc. The edge of the nail should not extend beyond the tip of your finger, but should be level with it. This is how you get round nails.

To achieve this shape, you also need a file. This is the essential accessory for round nails. Use it to file both ends of your nails from the outside to the inside. Make sure you file the nails in the same direction so you don’t mess up the final result. If you don’t file in the right direction, you’ll notice that some nails will be to the right and others to the left. Finally, avoid using too much force, as this could split your nails.

Opt for almond-shaped nails
Some women have fairly long nails. The last thing they want to do is lose an inch of their nails. That’s why we recommend almond-shaped nails. However, this shape is also suitable for people with slender hands.

To make almond-shaped nails, you need to use a file to adjust both sides of the nails from the outside inwards. The aim is to make the tips of your nails sharp. However, don’t make your nails too sharp, as you could injure yourself later on. Incorrect handling of the finger can also injure your loved ones on contact.

Choose square and rounded nails
Square and rounded nails are a combination of square and round nails. The aim of this shape is to give more femininity to the square shape. This makes it easier for you to look after your nails.

It’s not unusual to meet women with large fingers. They can opt for square and rounded nails. With this shape, they will benefit from hands that are slim and attractive through the shape of the nails. Square and rounded nails also add elegance to women’s hands.

To achieve this shape, you don’t have to be too fussy. Use a file to shape your nails into a square. Then adjust the tips of your nails, starting from the root. After this arrangement, you can move on to the upper part of the nails. Use the file to make the curves.

Try stiletto nails for a bold look
If you’re looking for a bold, unique look, stiletto nails are for you. This shape is very popular with celebrities and fashionistas because of its elegant, pointed appearance.

To achieve this shape, your nails need to be long and pointed. While most women prefer to use nail extensions to achieve this shape, remember to sand the tips well.

Note: People with conditions such as onychophagia should not opt for this shape.

This concludes our article on how to shape your nails. We hope this article has been informative and will help you find the best option for your personal style and daily lifestyle!

Discover the ballerina nail trend for an elegant look
If you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated nail shape, ballerina nails are for you. This shape is also known as ‘coffin nails’ because of its resemblance to a coffin.

Ballerina nails have an elongated, pointed shape reminiscent of the slippers worn by classical dancers. This shape is perfect for women looking to add a touch of elegance to their look. Ballerina nails can be done on natural nails or with the use of extensions.

It should be noted that this style is not recommended for people with short or stubby fingers, as it can accentuate this appearance. It is preferable to wear this shape on long, slender fingers so that it stands out to best advantage.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your personal style, opt for the current trend for ballerina nails!