Things only a man in love with you does

Trying to reveal the feelings of the man next to her, many women pay attention to the wrong landmarks. For example, they trust the words and do not notice at all the actions of the one who can give them the cherished feminine happiness.

But, dear ladies, men are not like us and have difficulty expressing their feelings with words. It is actions that speak of their love. The strong physical contact is brought up to be an unshakable fortress behind the walls of which friends, family, beloved wife and children will feel completely safe. Consequently, it is difficult for a real man to be open because it makes him vulnerable. But then again, what good are empty words when actions speak for themselves.

When a man is in love, he accepts you anyway
In a serious and happy relationship, a man loves a woman unconditionally, for all that she is, not just for her beautiful eyes. He loves her sad, angry, joyful, assertive, ambitious… whatever. He accepts her flaws and is proud of her virtues, he respects her choices and decisions.

He is proud of you and wants everyone to know how wonderful his beloved is
A man in love doesn’t just focus on his own success, but strives to do everything he can to help you realize your ambitions and become successful where you want. A man becomes a true admirer of his woman, believes in her unconditionally, knows what he can achieve and wants everyone to know how wonderful his beloved is.

A loving man is always on the lookout for your comfort, happiness and security
A man protects those he loves. He protects his beloved not only from physical pain but also from emotional turmoil. A genuinely loving man is always on the lookout for your comfort, happiness and security.

When necessary, he takes the initiative into his own hands and makes the difficult decision

A man in love begins to act, he does not wait for prompts. In no case does he transfer the responsibility onto the fragile female shoulders. His own comfort remains in second place. He is ready to do everything possible to make you feel good.

When a man loves a woman, only her opinion is most important to him
He may ignore everything others think and say about him, but he always listens to what his beloved thinks. Your thoughts, opinions, preferences – all these are most important to the one who loves you with all his heart.

When you say something important, he puts aside his work to listen. Everything his wife wants to tell him is a priority for him. He is willing to listen to you because you are the most important person in his life.

He knows everything about you – much more than you think
He knows everything – your favorite color, how you drink your coffee, what kind of tea you like, what kind of movies you like, where you went to school, which store you like to shop at.

It sounds trivial, but he remembers every little detail of your biography because you are the center of his world.

He will always choose you over everything else
If you need him, he’ll ignore all his tasks and choose you – he’ll want to be there to help you in a time of need. He will spend his time and come and fetch you medicine, and then come back to do the job. You are important to him, so he will find an opportunity to make you happy.

When you leave him for work or for loved ones, he misses you
He thinks of you in moments of separation and sends messages to show you how much he misses you.

He feels your pain
If it hurts you, it hurts him. A loving man understands that he must protect his wife. He is painfully hurt by the fact that he cannot ease your pain and protect you from it.

Of course, every man loves in his own way. One may be very sentimental, another determined, another a combination of both.

There is no way your heart can miss these invisible signals – the signals that you are loved… The main thing is to listen to your intuition.