Signs That He Likes You – Look For These

It was a lot easier when we were younger, wasn’t it? We could ask a friend to take a chance for us, and 10 minutes later we’d know for sure. It’s different now. You’re looking for signs that he likes you, and don’t dare ask outright. And some men are so shy! Or just completely unromantic. And SO hard to read… But don’t worry, if he’s interested he’ll show it one way or another. And here are some good examples of what to look for.

Is he interested? Think about how he is towards you
How does he actually behave when you’re together? Is he nice to you? Does he treat you well? Kindness and caring take many forms, but here are some examples:

  • He answers when you call, text or write messages.
  • He shows up as promised when you have a date.
  • He takes an interest in how you feel and how you are doing.
  • He respects your choices and supports your ideas.
  • He pays attention to you without being too pushy or domineering.

This kind of sensitivity and care is something we often take for granted. Or in the worst cases, forget about it altogether, when instead we’re busy worrying about what to wear on our next date or what to talk about to seem both smart and fun. But good relationships are built on a good foundation, and this kind of care is an important and solid building block.

Signs he likes you – and isn’t just being polite
But is being nice enough? A good friend can be too, right? And how do I know if he’s just being nice and polite, or if he ACTUALLY likes me? Look for situations where he’s not just acting well-behaved in general, but showing genuine concern. Times when he actually prioritizes you over other things that are also important to him. Of course, this varies from person to person, but here’s a list of 5 examples:

  • You’ve had a bit of an accident with his car/motorcycle/vehicle and his first reaction is “How did it go? Are you okay? You couldn’t get a clearer declaration of love.
  • He pretends he doesn’t like chocolate/chips/popcorn that much, and lets you have most of it when you share.
  • He’s memorized that unknown band you mentioned once and surprises you with tickets to their next tour.
  • He misses a sporting event/guy night/job thing so he can be there to celebrate your birthday.
  • He insists on picking you up at the airport/train station and kindly waits even when you are a few hours late.

Another sure sign that he likes you is that he’s not TOO nice. You don’t have to suspect that he’s a lazy yes-man who agrees just for convenience. He simply feels honest and sincere in a sensitive way. Letting you know when you’ve forgotten to snap your fly, straightening your hair a little gently when you come in from the wind, or maybe even offering suggestions on what he thinks you look extra nice in.

Time to make your move? Or move on?
So what do you think? Is he interested? Or are you still unsure if he likes you? Ask him! If he’s the least bit compassionate and somewhat emotionally mature, he’ll tell it like it is when you ask outright. So dare to ask! Then you won’t have to spend your energy wondering. If he does NOT like you, it may be time to move on. There are plenty of other singles to choose from. But if he likes you as much as you like him, then go for it – what are you waiting for?