The biggest lies related to weight loss

Misconceptions and myths that have nothing to do with the truth

Losing weight is difficult, sometimes it even seems impossible, because it requires long-term changes in diet and lifestyle as well as perseverance. Dieting failures come from exactly this – reverting to old habits and inconsistency.

It is for this reason that many people hope there is a magical way to help them lose weight fast and keep it off. Unfortunately, most of these so-called promising tricks for fast weight loss turn out to be a lie.

However, many people still fall for these lies and keep fooling themselves that they can achieve a slim figure with the help of some trick or gimmick.

What are the biggest weight loss lies you shouldn’t believe?

Detox teas
You’ve probably come across heaps of recipes for detox teas and weight loss smoothies that “promise” you fast results without torture, deprivation and starvation. You can eat whatever you want without guilt, and with the help of detox teas you can get rid of fat?

This is a huge fallacy that has not a shred of truth in it. Losing weight depends entirely on your effort, perseverance and purposeful healthy habit change, not magic ingredients.

Body wraps for more sweating
A lot of people have probably heard of this myth – if you wrap your waist or thighs with plastic wrap during a workout, you’ll sweat more and it will accelerate fat burning. There’s no truth to this claim. It can even have negative effects because it retains, clogs pores and creates conditions for toxins to linger in the skin.

Weight loss patches
It sounds great to be able to stick some sort of patch on your skin and have it do all the work. Like quit-smoking patches, weight loss patches offer an accelerating effect to burn fat in the targeted areas you don’t like and want to lose weight right there.

Unfortunately, losing weight in a specific area is nearly impossible. If you lose weight, it will affect your entire body, not just your thighs for example. These “decisions” are made by your body, not you. The body is genetically programmed to accumulate fat in certain areas. That’s why, for example, you tend to gain fat on your thighs and your best friend on her belly.

Fat burning supplements
The weight loss promotion industry offers all sorts of supplements that promise to burn fat for you without you making the effort. It’s another lie designed to make money off the backs of people desperately trying to lose weight. Everyone is looking for a quick way to get rid of fat, and the idea of making it happen with some magical supplement is enticing.

Supplements that block the absorption of starches and sugars
There are also dietary supplements that are touted as starch and sugar absorption blockers that promise weight loss success. Some of these supplements do have this effect, but as soon as you stop taking them, everything goes back to normal. It is very likely that a yo-yo effect will also occur, causing even more fat accumulation.

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