What’s the place for dads?

For sure, the position of dads has changed somewhat. They are also looking for a place with their children. However, they are still struggling to make their mark and face some difficulties.

We still often hear negative things about fathers, but on the contrary, they are very present!

This authoritarian and all-powerful father is trying to disappear.

If a father takes care of his child from an early age, it allows him to establish a relationship with him that is full of games and beneficial contact.

Society is changing and role sharing seems to be on the right track. However, fathers who are kind to their children still feel devalued.

Indeed, their behaviour is still sometimes mocked.

If these fathers bother, it’s because they question the value scale established by our society.

If they are present for their children, it means that they have a part of femininity in them, yet they are still expected to be masculine, virile.

This enormous change, which directly concerns the father’s place in the family, seems to be seen in a very positive way by psychologists.

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